san francico

  1. Driver Firoz

    Uber & Lyft response to Coronavirus

    Are uber and Lyft doing everything they can for their drivers during the coronavirus? What other solutions will they or should they roll out in the coming days? I want to get your opinions/solutions on how the companies should handle their response to this virus. All I know is they are...
  2. Charbenji

    The Uber Video Game

    Last year, Financial Times actually created an online game to have players experience the trials and tribulations of being an Uber driver. It's like a choose your own adventure flash like game. You have two difficulties: Easy mode: You're a driver with good credit in San Francisco Hard mode...
  3. L

    Lyft Driver Attacked by Passenger's Dog

    Last week I pulled up to a curb in San Francisco to pick up a passenger like any other in the 6,000 Lyft rides I've done over the last three years. I verified the passengers name before unlocking the door, and suddenly a large dog (unseen previously) on leash preceded the passenger into the...
  4. UberLyftFlexWhatever

    the cusp of a car revolution, vast disruption in how we live & work

    For decades, technological breakthroughs born or nurtured in Silicon Valley — the semiconductor, the personal computer, the Internet and smartphones — have led to sweeping changes in the global economy, as well as in society and the culture. Today, the advent of self-driving vehicles portends an...
  5. BurgerTiime

    San Francisco air quality is so bad that Uber drivers are selling masks

    Full: California’s devastating wildfires are causing unhealthy air conditions for locals breathing in harmful fumes — and a good sales opportunity for some Uber drivers. In San Francisco, which currently has the...
  6. BurgerTiime

    A new study indicates app hailing services contribute 50% of congestion in San Fran The experience of moving through San Francisco in a car has gone from slow to crawl. Congestion in the Bay Area flagship city has grown increasingly worse, and a new report by the San Francisco...
  7. VueBox

    VueBox: New way to earn cash while driving

    Hey Guys, This is Alex and Ifi and we're ex-Uber drivers, and the co-founders of VueBox. We're here to share a new way to earn money while driving! As drivers we used to face a common problem: how can we create a better passenger experience and entertain our customers? We started giving our...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Undercover investigation: New Scam Puts Unchecked Rideshare Drivers Behind the Wheel When your Lyft or Uber arrives, you probably double check that the driver's name and car matches the information listed on your app. But the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit...
  9. Travy90

    Look look! the mysterious boost is back!

    Only for outside lands though... Will you be driving?
  10. transporter007

    First Waymo Jaguar I-PACE Hits The Streets Of San Fran

    The Jaguars will join Waymo’s fleet of 62,000 self driving Pacifica Hybrids. Together, they will equal one quarter of all the taxis and limousines in America. Waymo is intent on creating an...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Attorney Dennis Herrera today issued subpoenas to Uber and Lyft SAN FRANCISCO, May 29, 2018/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- City Attorney Dennis Herrera today issued subpoenas to Uber and Lyft to turn over records on whether they classify drivers...
  12. E

    First day as an Uber driver HELP

    I just finished my first drop off , how ever right after I dropped him off I got a notification from Uber not letting me drive since I’m under review but I was cleared to drive obiously Idk what to do since I have a rental
  13. BurgerTiime

    California’s first proposed per-ride city tax to raise Uber, Lyft prices A local city council member is beginning to float the idea of taxing ridehailing companies like Uber and Lyft as a possible way to raise millions of dollars and help pay for...
  14. Midnight mile

    SFPD in Sunset/Richmond lurking

    Driving thru Sunset today saw cops out and making stops. Lived here 20 years, rarely see them. Same in Richmond. Beware. New police captain here, think he’s making his mark (plus Super Bowl). Meter maids on the prowl too FYI.
  15. LAboy

    How to! DRINKS on BIKE, UberEATS

    How do you guys do it ? Me i have my own trick haha
  16. X

    Failure to Yield, do I need to worry?

    Hi so I got a $500 ticket for failure to yield to emergency vehicles while driving for Lyft in Millbrae, CA (near SFO). It’s my first ticket ever in 7 years of driving, no other infractions. I’m willing to pay the ticket to get it over with, but I’m worried about being kicked off the platform...
  17. Dhr94080

    FLUBER, Where's the Money?

    I guess my first comment would be, "I CANNOT BELIEVE I'VE LOST SO MUCH MONEY THIS WEEK"!! Working for Uber is starting to take it's toll! I have been with these two scam companies now 3yrs! I will save the keys from typing the past on how I use to make $350.00 a day and that was my minimum take...
  18. UberLadySF

    Crazy Speeding Drivers in SF

    Hi. I've been driving Uber for 2 years now in SF. I am horrified at how fast and crazy people are driving, especially on the freeways. Am i just noticing it now? Or has it gotten worse? When i come home after driving 8 hours, it takes me a very long time to decompress. Lord help us on these...
  19. BurgerTiime

    Lyft, Uber commit 64 percent of downtown SF traffic violations The San Francisco Police Department gave the city’s Board of Supervisors an earful at a Monday hearing about downtown traffic and pointed the finger for traffic violations squarely at so-called transit...
  20. East bay

    Finally $2,500 in San Francisco.