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san diego airport

  1. Parkerdv

    Question Did anyone Pick up at SAN Airport on July 4 evening?

    Question: i have a fight going on with Uber - wanted to know if anyone did an airport pick up on July 4, 2017 during the 8:00 pm hour when it was surging?
  2. SurgeSurferSD

    SAN Short Rides

    I never wait in the airport pen but I figure this could be a plus for some of you. I just got a text about getting a preferred queue position after dropping off after a short ride. Happy hunting!
  3. E

    Very Curious: UberPool @ SAN Airport Experiences?

    Anybody have any experience using UberPool at the SAN Monster Airport? How do you deal with luggage? Passengers going to the same hotel? Is it worth it? How about the 2.0 surge now allowed at SAN. UberPool seems beyond dirt cheap for passengers. Please share SAN experiences good/bad
  4. J

    San Diego airport parking and waiting

    where are we supposed to park when we are in the designated area? Most of the spaces are prohibited to commercial vehicles along Harbor Drive. Also if we get a request from Pt Loma we would lose our space in line to pursue a $2.25 ride. It doesn't make sense because of the FIFO system. If we...