1. RiderOnTheStorm

    Waze freezing up on phone calls

    Waze locks up anytime the phone rings or a call is dialed. Other than that, it seems to be working with Uber again. Once it freezes, it's totally dead. You cannot get it back except by REBOOTING the entire damn phone. The freezing does not seem related to Uber -- still happens if I have never...
  2. S

    Sprint Question

    How's it going NE drivers. With Sprint having a 50% off sale on their Samsung flagship phones I've been contemplating on switching since they're suppose to support calls and data simultaneously. I've pretty much done my research, would probably get the Note 8. Would cost me a total of 93 to 103...
  3. JD Canada

    Durable wireless phone charger and magnetic holder.

    I am looking for a fast charging wireless and magnetic phone holder, for my Samsung Note 8. I did find a few products on, but I am not sure if they are any good. Please share what you use... Brand and model no of the accessory. A picture of the product will really help... I hate the...
  4. tohunt4me

    Do Not UBER with one of These Phones !

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones recalled by Samsung,and U.S.Federal Govt. If you have not heard,contact your dealer.It is advisable to shut the phones off at once.
  5. H

    Data system issue

    Hey, I uploaded Lyft for Samsung on my S5 and it seems like it is wonky. Like most people I block apps systems that drain data but I think maybe one of the ones I have blocked is messing with Lyft now that I did the last update. What are the essential Samsung systems I have to have unblocked...
  6. LMicheleS

    Samsung Galaxy S7

    Has anyone already made the leap to this phone? If so, how does it perform with the ride apps?
  7. MickeyHarman1946

    Having technical difficulties with the App first day out.

    I was sitting in a McDonalds near the airport in down town Reno Nevada, got the first rider alert, drove over and picked them up, then the UBER App disconnected from the network and would not log back on, I ended up taking them to their destination which was not too far away at the destination...
  8. thebeardedgent

    Phones you have

    I just began to start the process to become a Uber "partner" over the weekend. Just looking to do this part time as my part time job (OfficeMax on Glenwood Ave is closing). Hoping to make about $300 every two weeks. But any who...I have a Samsung Alpha (2014) will this phone work with the Uber...