salt lake city

  1. SLCBassist

    Getting Started in SLC

    Hello, folks. How are ya? So I'm all signed up and everything, however I haven't begun to drive yet. Before I do that, I just have a few questions I hope you can answer: 1. What is the oldest allowable model year to drive with the most basic Uber service? I've heard 2000, 2002, and 2003. If...
  2. BMWUberSLC

    What The...? My First Riders in SLC

    Okay... So I set out this morning after watching the Rider App for awhile and seeing for over an hour that there were consistently 7 or 8 Select drivers within just a few miles of my location. I thought "well, this is my first day, so I'll just head out and see what happens". I needed to fuel...
  3. T

    Salt Lake City Tax Expert?

    Has anyone used a Tax Expert or loacal company in Salt Lake City to file their Uber taxes? I uber as a 2nd job and don't know much about taxes. Wondering if tax experts are up to date on how to file for uber...
  4. R

    Salt Lake City Info Needed

    I am moving cities and was curious if you can make descent money in salt lake.
  5. UberEricLong

    XL Ride w/ 4.5x Surge and 4 different pax destinations....$$$$

    So, I clock out of my real job after a 10 hour shift and immediately log-on to Uber. The first ping of the evening was a nice fare to downtown which is where I was hoping to end up. The ride includes a small 1.3x surge and I make $26 in 32 min. Not a bad start. I then proceeded to grind it out...
  6. MSLC

    need for more drivers in Salt Lake City?

    Hey all, from Salt Lake City. Seriously thinking of joining UBER. I'm currently an owner operator of an airport shuttle. It gets the bills paid but the hours are LONG(as full time driving jobs are) The company take 45% of the fares, and I'm left to pay airport tolls, maintenance, van payment...