sales tax

  1. NYTWA Eliza

    NYTWA Uber members in NY won a huge victory - Now Uber is trying to pull a fast one

    ATTN: NY Uber drivers Uber is sending you money back that it claims it took from you by mistake. Basically, we have Uber cornered for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers, so they are now trying to pull a fast one and avoid the court and avoid paying drivers everything you are...
  2. Charlie Schwartz

    taxes: Where to deduct sales tax and bcf

    uber seems to include taxes in our 1099 figures, which means they need to be deducted. where is the best place to deduct them. is there some leeway or is there only ONE acceptable line to use for this deduction on the schedule c. because i've seen ppl say "deduct it HERE" but i'm not sure if...
  3. S

    Uber Taxes

    Hello All, I bout to file for my taxes, I know it's late ... Unfortunately , I drove for Fuber from March 16 to Nov 16... Can ya please help me the following : Uber Fee - I think it's around 27% NYC Black Car Fund - is it 2.5% NYC Sales Tax - Uber charges to drivers Can someone please...
  4. F

    Sales tax in Massachusetts for Uber drivers

    Hey guys Who file and pay sales tax on trips here in Massachusetts? We the drivers or Uber?
  5. Charlie Schwartz

    What is so hard about basic arithmetic?

    I do not understand it. After a trip, it can be hours before the app finishes "processing the payment". The best it can then give is an "estimate", which sometimes changes over time. And the final result is still off, in my experience about 50% of the time! If it's not Uber overcharging the...
  6. Benz Guy

    Follow up on NM Gross Receipts Tax

    Was wondering if anyone has received solid CPA advice on paying (or not paying) GRT to NM Taxation & Revenue? Info on uber movement ABQ states "As an entrepreneur on the Uber Platform, you're responsible for paying applicable income tax, gross receipts tax and complying with any applicable...
  7. FrankMartin

    Why isn't sales tax passed through to the customer?

    When you take a yellow cab sales tax is ADDED on to the fare that the CUSTOMER pays. Yet, with UBER NYC it is the driver that takes the 8.25% hit for the privilege of driving the pot-holed riddled streets of NYC. It might go a long way for UBER/driver relations if UBER passed on the sales tax to...
  8. RI_Ranger

    Sales tax in RI

    New UBER driver and I had to agree that I would be collecting sales tax from my customers to sign up. Seems stupid to me until I read the posts here about Uber collecting sales tax, but not paying it to the state. That explains why they stopped collecting it in the fare back in April 2015...