saint louis

  1. littlegoodwolf

    PGA Tourney Pick Up

    anyone hear why they didn't use the "pin code" method today at the pick up lot? I kept getting pinged by riders while I was miles away and took about 30 mins to get to them. sadly, two of the times my riders ran out of phone battery before I could get there. so they couldn't cancel and get...
  2. skooby52191

    Anyone Interested in Starting Daily Events Threads??

    I think it would be a great help to everyone here if we had daily threads where we can post and share information (locations and times) of events that are happening around town that arn't as well known to everyone. We all know when theres a Ball Game going on.... but concerts, university...
  3. RamzFanz

    The official ICE weather thread.

    I worked the surge for hours but finally lost my nerve in a two wheel drive minivan. I have never in my life seen so many accidents or backed up interstates. Crazy ass people flying by accident scenes and it doesn't register that they aren't immune to the laws of physics. The above was...
  4. Scooterb

    St. Charles County

    When I go online with Uber drive and open Uber and it doesn't show any uber drivers even though I'm right there. Is it up and running in St. Charles? Right here in my neighborhood are the headquarters for CitiCorp and MasterCard along with a handful of hotels and restaurants. See my pic. Both...
  5. RamzFanz

    TNC law fails to pass. Taxi commission to ticket UberX drivers. A push to create statewide ride-hailing regulations died in the Missouri Legislature this month — a cue the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission...
  6. RamzFanz

    Saint Louis MO opened this morning - Uber X

    No airport pickups, not sure about drop offs. All of Saint Louis County.
  7. RamzFanz

    Saint Louis MO open as of this morning.

    No airport pickups. Not sure about drops.