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safety concerns

  1. espizarro83

    Cash trips: DO NOT PAY with $20 bills for <$5 rides

    Yes I know that cash is not accepted in the states. But it is in Puerto Rico, where I do Uber sometimes. And I know it is accepted in some other countries. Carrying a lot of cash is very unsafe, in PR the corrupt, good-for-nothing government forced Uber to accept cash as a method of payment...
  2. Lissetti

    Safety Issues with ride-share vehicles

    One in 6 Uber and Lyft Cars Have Open Safety Recalls, Consumer Reports' Study Suggests CR's review of 94,000 vehicle records in New York City and Seattle area shows companies do little to address open recalls By Ryan Felton May 21, 2019 Among the tens of thousands of Uber and Lyft vehicles...
  3. ItzMysh

    #CyclistAccountable thread

    So the other day an ignorant, arrogant, self righteous dude came here bragging about an app he created to report drivers who block bike lanes. Although this is taking it too far I agree we shouldnt block lanes, it is the law. But I also feel that most cyclists are arrogant as well. why not start...
  4. Lissetti

    Dear Television News Reporters,

    Spreading misinformation is not helping (Rider safety.) This morning as I was getting ready for work, I was watching my local news broadcast in Seattle Washington, Local Q13 News. I'm very fond of this news affiliate and watch it daily. Their local reporters are likable, intelligent, and...
  5. Halfmybrain

    Uber pro drivers, admit it, you like...

    ...getting through to Uber Support quickly, to speak with the Foreign Agent with canned phrases. Most of the time I call it's to document jackass behavior, to innoculate me against jackass claims. Not holding my breath for them to report my larger issues to specialized teams. Nevertheless...
  6. Clarity

    Why have Calls from Pax Automatically sent to Voicemail while Driving

    Does this happen to anyone else? You're on your way to to pick up a passenger while following the GPS and suddenly you get an incoming call from that passenger, which blocks the GPS screen! Next thing you know you miss a turn or something worse almost happens. Missing a turn sometimes adds an...
  7. warrior lady

    New Late-Night Driving Rules after Recent Indecent Exposure Pax Ride

    (DOES NOT INCLUDE AVOID PICKING UP LATE NIGHT) Drunk Single Male Pax DOES NOT RIDE in FRONT SEAT.-(I drive mini-van). I go by this rule usually but when drunk male pax asked, I allowed him to move to the front the first time...The 2nd time he just climbed on over. WILL PULL OVER ANYTIME PAX...
  8. E


    Uber does not permit guns in vehicles for drivers or riders. However, I felt I should share something with you all. I have been driving for about 8 months and have 600+ rides and 300+ 5star ratings overall 4.92. Last Saturday for my 1st 12 rides of the evening I began asking each rider if...
  9. BestUberDriverEverrrrr

    Safety for Drivers she finally got to the location and drop the guy off. Not the guy was married and

    I would like to share a story about an incident that happened last Friday night. My wife occasionally drives for Uber and last Friday night she dropped off a group of men at a downtown bar. Everyone got out of the car but one of the men who was in the back seat opened the front passenger door...
  10. Gazza1980

    Using camera’s in La

    whats the scoop for recording passengers in and around LA? I know it’s a good idea for safety reasons but do I have to ask every pax for approval first? Seems insane
  11. paper_doll

    My First "Night" As a Flex Driver...

    I made the mistake of taking a night time block of hours to make my first deliveries...I had 3 hours to deliver 15 packages to 12 stops over a 10 mile radius...no sweat right? I'm driving for logistics, if it matters any. Wrong... I get to the warehouse ON TIME and check in, but I didn't leave...
  12. MyOwnUber

    Would you use a free dashcam?

    Why should anyone complain of a video cam? But maybe you have other ideas. I'm only stating if it were "free" because we are all interested in keeping our costs down.
  13. jewelthief

    Accepting UberEats requests using bluetooth?

    Hello, Every time there is a delivery request, I have to reach out to my phone on the car phone holder and tap that request. Sometimes I feel that it is unsafe as I want to minimalize my attention off the road. The thing I want to know is whether Uber request can be accepted through a...
  14. X

    Dash cams in cars

    Does anyone know the legal aspects of having a dash cam pointed towards the inside of the car in SC? Just interested as I am a new female driver concerned with safety. Thanks!!
  15. Pooler Duck

    Dash cams

    Just read the post about Grant Nelson, the driver killed in a Chicago suburb by a machete-wielding teenager. I wonder how many of you driving in Savannah use a dash cam?
  16. M

    Please before a child is killed look out for cyclists when turning

    Many of the drivers are dangerous and you need to take action before someone and a child are killed. I have been cut off at close call riding my bicycle this week by 4 Via cars, massive black cars and 3 Ubers. I've also been a passenger in an Uber that cut off a cyclist who had to slam their...
  17. Maven

    Demand UberPOOL Removal!

    Many other drivers have succeeded Opting-Out of uberPOOL, PERMENENTLY! Why? They were tired of getting logged out or temporarily blocked from new rider-requests after failing to accept too many. Others were tired of using the "Stop requests" trick after each uberPOOL pickup. They didn't have...
  18. Maven

    Demand UberPool Removal!

    Has anybody had success doing this? Start nice and request that your account no longer receive UberPool. State that you will NEVER accept an UberPool request. You no longer want to temporarily disabled or logged-off after refusing 3 requests. Be honest, the records may be checked. Give a valid...
  19. UberSchmuber

    "No Fly Zone" PDF for drivers

    After thinking about this and consulting with our moderator, I want to put together a list of "No Fly" areas in a PDF file for all drivers to be able to download. Although I primarily work the Shore, Summit and EWR, I do like having feather in the wind days and letting the pings take me where...
  20. Bandy

    Yes.. Yet another Brisbane Uber Carjacking at Gunpoint

    http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/gunman-on-the-run-after-stealing-uber-car-20170219-gugii5.html Opportunistic...