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  1. David Black

    Creepy Experience - Safety Concern!

    I just picked up a guy that wouldn't say a damn word to me, not even confirm his name or anything; the entire ride he was starring at me and gave me the creeps! I thought for sure he was gonna murder me when I wasn't looking! When he exited my car, he slammed the door as hard as he could and...
  2. Cd_smith315

    NO CAR SEAT? “No problem,hop on in”

    This must be what these disgusting humans think that i will say when they are toting their toddlers down the stairs of the gov. Assisted housing projects like a bag of laundry under thier arm. Time and time again i will actually get out of the car to show im serious and also to see if someone...
  3. Mystro

    Drive Safer and Smarter - Mystro

    Good afternoon, What if I told you there was an app that can make rideshare driving safer? Mystro is that app! We have created an app that will automate the entire rideshare experience with Uber, Lyft, and UberEats all at the same time. From accepting a trip, to closing the unused app, to...
  4. Mz.SinCityDriver

    You awake ???

    I am sure there are many driving right now.. how's the early morning going?? I am about to leave and go find out ... coffee or energy drinKS anyone ;)
  5. Carrottvision

    What regions are in Los angles and San Fernando are generally lucrative and safe to taxi in?

    I'am not asking other drivers to reveal their gold mines. I live in Ventura county but for some reason don't have access to this area. What districts of LA and San Fernando Valley are good on weekend nights.