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safe ride fee srf

  1. afrojoe824

    Riding Dirty: How Uber Takes Drivers and Passengers for a Ride | Nailed It!

    This youtube post has 400k views so far. So girl pretty much explains all of Uber's dirty business for the general public to know @ 6:45 "In April, Uber rolled out a $1 'safe ride fee' and so after years of running a business, Uber has decided to pass on the cost of running a business on to...
  2. SCdave

    Holly Smokes Batman - another Safe Ride Fee thread!!!

    To give (another) perspective of how much profit the Safe Ride Fee brings into Uber and how much it is COSTING drivers, lets ask this question: At a 20% Uber Commission and a $1.65 Safe Ride Fee, if Uber DID NOT charge a Safe Ride Fee but instead RAISED Fare Rates in order to still net $1.65 in...