safe driver fee

  1. BurgerTiime

    Judge says Uber breached contract with drivers involving ‘Safe Rides’ fee A U.S. District Court judge has just handed some Uber drivers a win by concluding the ride-hailing company breached a contract pertaining to “Safe Rides” fees. In U.S. District...
  2. MulletMan

    SRF "BOOKING FEE" Will Increase Faster Than Any Other Fee, IMHO

    The booking fee is a sneaky little way Uber continues to squeeze drivers. It is small right now, $1.00 to $2.50 . But, the dirty little secret, is that Uber charges drivers for every trip with this fee. How? 1. Booking fee added to fare (for simplicity let's say $1) 2. Fare totaled up 3...
  3. D

    Uber Safe Rider Fee now 1.95

    So Uber cut prices for drivers to increase their own earnings that messed up
  4. JerseyBoy911

    This part of the new agreement? ?

    Saw this and I'm like...what in seven hells is this?? I read something that they can change the "service fee" at anytime... is this it? I mean I know we don't get/pay it but I wonder if the pax are aware...I know they didn't have to agree to a new set of agreements on customer app. This is...
  5. B

    The Truth About UBER Fees and How Much You Can Make Driving for UBER

    UBER loves to advertise that it is a good deal for the driver, and claim that their fee to the driver is 20% of the fare. This is not true. It is frequently over 50% of the fare. The average UBER deduction is more than 33% of the fare you pay. They recently invented a $2.10 "safe driver fee"...