1. Londoner2017

    Drivers who sabotage riders ratings.. I see you!!! Hi!!!

    Hello Uber drivers, especially those who drive in West and Central London I'm normally a really active person who walks everywhere, but just recently (June) I had an accident and broke my foot and ankle.. This means I have had to rely on Uber to get places when I would normally just hop on the...
  2. Rahlo

    Uber App Will Intentionally Kick You Out Of The Airport Queue. Who do they think they're tricking?

    I don't bother working the City because of bargin basement fare rates. Instead, I work the Airport. Perhaps a little too well, lol. When I starting making an entire day's haul on 5-6 DIA runs a day, I suddenly started having major problems with the app at DIA. Getting kicked outta the queue or...
  3. SMH Uber

    It's Funny How...

    When you pray for long rides, you can't get them and when you are looking to get the short rides to meet the 55 for $85. You can't pay for a short ride. I've been getting airport ride after airport ride. City to suburb ride. I'm at the airport now and I was in queue for a short time. I got a...
  4. SMH Uber

    Does no show cancelations affect guarantee?

    I'm curious I had 2 no show cancellations on uber x, to the same address, but different people. I am wondering if this is a part of sabotage on uber's part as I accepted every ride during the late night guarantee period.
  5. TwoFiddyMile

    Quitting Uber? Become a saboteur!

    Used to be an Urban Legend in Woodstock NY that certain dudes would join bands right before crucial performances then sabotage the show. Dont quit quietly. Blow as many jobs as you can before getting deactivated! Some ideas: Fart a lot and laugh hysterically. Drive pax to the wrong...