rush hour

  1. DrinkSoda

    Afternoon airport runs

    Most discussion around airport runs center around the mornings. Particularly Mondays. Let’s look at another busy time for airport trips: Thursday and Friday afternoons. For the first time in a few years I took an afternoon ORD run. Originating from the West Loop. Was just short of 12 noon with...
  2. RideshareSpectrum

    Ant Mentality 101

    So there was a 3/$5 CTB this morning that caused a map wide whiteout. I personally refuse to drive for base during rush hour and personally think Uber paying less than $40 an hour is insulting to any of us who fight through Bay Area rush hour traffic to deliver the entitled to work on time ...
  3. R

    New Surge/ Rush hour / Lyft

    Covering it all in one swoop. With the need BS surge, if DRIVERS are gonna fight back then the most critical time to not drive/get shifty is rush hour. 7-9am and 5-7pm. Boycott or play hard ball in the Main Areas. Downtown/Buckhead. I understand everybody can't just flat out quit so this is...
  4. D

    Driving in the middle of the day

    Hey, I just started driving again since last Winter, but my first time living down here in Denver. I drove Boulder in my off season (winter) last year and it was pretty slow during the day (10 am - 4 pm). I never drove super early and usually stopped because of traffic for rush hour, then drove...
  5. Marco Solo

    Not driving past 5 PM or on weekend nights?

    For the last 2 months, I have been doing all of my driving from 4 AM to 4 PM because of some incidents that have put me off nighttime driving. (An attempted backseat robbery; obstreperous drunks, simmering on the verge of boiling over; sudden pukers who had seemed to have been in control; and...
  6. Halfmybrain

    What's the BFD about morning rush?

    Soooo I tried morning rush. Why do so many drivers swear by rush? Sure it is endless Surge, but the rides (and riders) are short, and never a dull moment, but it takes so much longer getting from Point A to Point B--less trips per hour. Yep I made a bunch of $2 rides. Yep I met my quest ($70 for...
  7. RideshareSpectrum

    Monday AM Rush. No Boost? No Surge?

    NO RIDES. F*?k you Uber. I’m going back to sleep. Keep your $12 consecutive ride bonus. Any driver willing to give rush hour rides for base is a sucker.
  8. R

    New Surge Coming - Boycott Airports

    I know we all heard about the new surge model they're gonna try to hit us with. A 5 or 10 dollar increase added to the end of your trip, which mileage is unlimited. So base fare, plus 10 bucks for a 40-80 mile trip can happen to u. And I say we (in every city) boycott the airport. We gotta force...
  9. R

    Lyft drivers are poison

    I hate lyft drivers in Atlanta. They are the dumbest. They are directly responsible for the lack of surge. Remember when u couldnt get a lyft driver less than 30 minutes away? Thats when riders had no choice but to ride with us surge sharks. We all made 100 day easy. Hardly trying. But Lyft...
  10. littleant

    Lyft: missing the 3 circular things

    hello: My app is missing the 3 circular things at the bottom of the page to show the acceptance rate, number of rides for the rush hour, & total number of rides given for the week. My app suddenly is missing this bar starting this morning. I went to the dashboard & it is missing as well...
  11. HPClays

    Rush Hour only Quest

    So, Uber doesn't want me pursuing quest or uberpoop this week. My weekday quest is 9 trips for $45, but only tripsinside the DC/Arlington geofence count and only between 6am-10am and 4pm - 8pm. They are willing to give me $5 extra per trip to to sit in traffic and deal with spoiled...
  12. sandber

    Airport Joy :'|

    Am I the only one who usually resents airport rides? I get the feeling that riders believe that we live for the airport rides and that they're doing us a big favor (hence not need for a tip even in torrential weather!). It used to cost $35 for shared door to door service but now people think...
  13. F

    It's the Friday afternoon Rush Hour...

    ...and already seeing a flood of pool requests. i'll accept them but will rate it a 1 star upon completion even if pax seems pleasant. might be a passive-aggressive way to let the Ubes know that pool pricing should be increased or pool itself should be abolished. thoughts?
  14. Uber_duber

    The higher the promotion, the fewer the pings

    It's about rush hour time. Haven't had a ping in over an hour. Am I the only one?
  15. TripleDogDarius

    Surges / Peak Times in Fort Myers?

    I'll be riding Uber for the first time on Thursday because I need a ride to the airport. I heard about price surges and such for Uber and I really don't want to pay a fortune to go to the airport. I'm riding Uber rather than paying to leave my car at the airport all weekend so I'm hoping to save...
  16. UberxGTA

    Growing Love for the TTC.

    I have to admit love hate relationship with the TTC. Hate the streetcars, Love Monday morning rush Subway breakdowns.!!!:D
  17. E

    Rush hour average

    Starting Monday I will be working my full time job 7-3 Monday thru Friday just curious to know how uber traffic and surges are during rush hour 330-7 in the downtown Dallas area.