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  1. BurgerTiime

    Is it okay for passengers to eat in your car?

    https://www.oregonlive.com/tylt/2019/01/is_it_okay_to_eat_in_an_uber_o.amp You would never whip out a hamburger in your friend's car without asking if it was okay, right? The same goes for Ubers and Lyfts. Your food stinks up the car for the rest of the day, affecting drivers' business and...
  2. CahalM

    I gave a thumbs down tonight

    On my last delivery I went to an apartment complex that I absolutely DETEST and as usual there was a problem. I really try to stay away from Tempe because itdi basically "college town". The parking sucks, it's short trips and college kids very rarely tip. Tonight takes the cake though! I...
  3. D

    rude dude at SeaTac airport

    I'm an Uber and Lyft driver but I'm also sometimes a pax. Attached is a photo of a man working at SeaTac who was extremely rude to me tonight as I was trying to negotiate my way to finding my driver. Note that my driver did a GREAT job. It was only this guy working for the airport with some...
  4. The Angels

    Are female PAXs more likely to be nagging "backseat drivers"?

    Had this Persian girl yell at me telling me I was going the wrong way, twice, when in fact I was trying to position the car to make a U-turn to go the right way. She made a false assumption. She was one of those nagging types who probably feels that me being male means I'm supposed to be nagged...
  5. The Angels

    Woman had an attitude the whole ride yet tipped me?

    On Sunday, I drove a woman to LAX airport from the Hollywood Hills... about a 45-minute drive. When I arrived to the house, I waited a few minutes. Then all of a sudden I just see her appear behind my car, just staring, stone-faced. I was confused at first, but later realized she probably...
  6. I

    When pool passengers enter wrong address

    I would like to know how do you handle these kind of situations ?? It has happened to me many times, I wonder does this also happen to you?? When cheap ass passenger orders pool or line and enters wrong address or ( they donot know where are they going ) and they want me to drive around the...
  7. DarkyStar

    Airport overly rated?

    So, the other day I got a drop off to the airport so early that there were only around 15 cars in the queue mostly camping since the night before. I was tired so decided to wait in the queue and have a nap. Still, didn't get a ping till almost 7am which woke me up with a jump. Damn, it is a...
  8. Canteev

    No respect for drivers

    Tonight, I decide to do a bit of driving. I pick up a couple from a bar. As I make my first turn, following the GPS, the female says I'm going out of their way. Then, my favorite part, she tells me that she will report me to Uber for taking the wrong direction; I tell her that I'm following...
  9. Cowwy

    Rude pax

    How many of you gotten a rude pax recently. Their attitude was so bad that it rubbed off on you.
  10. BurgerTiime

    Quality of Lyft passengers really going downhill!

    Lyft is growing and along with that, terrible passengers. It reminds me of UberX riders when I was all-in Uber. I "weaned myself of low-grade UberX riders and felt really happy getting tips on Lyft. Now it seems Uber has alienated many users and they've made the switch and it's clear. I'm not...
  11. kensteriraq

    Rude, drunk, uberpool $4, one star

    Picked up Ricardo at 2am, middle of nowhere ten minutes away. I drive directly to him (no u-turns) and halfway there get called asking how long I’ll take. I point out it says five minutes on my app and he hangs up. I get there and he’s predictably late. I checked his passenger rating and...
  12. S

    'Oscar' - Friday Night in Cardiff

    Who was the unlucky driver to pick this guy up? Did it go alright? I'm NB on coast highway and get a request for Cardiff. It should have been 2 minutes from where I was. They are doing some construction and have the intersection closed - I can't cross the tracks. It'd take me 5-6 minutes to...
  13. T

    Drivers as riders

    Wow... just wow. So i pick up this guy last night and we start talking about uber. He says he's also a driver for Uber and Lyft. A few minutes in to the conversation he brings up tipping and is talking about how cheap everyone is. He goes on and on about how rude it is to not tip. So he asked...
  14. zselonika

    What would you do?

    Hello Uber poeople, I'm sure something like this has happened to some of you out there and I'm just curious how some of you handle it just because Uber's rules seem so vague at certain times. I picked up a drunk married couple from the Wharf the other night and my Uber app crashed. I was in a...
  15. NRVUber

    Jerk riders and navigation

    Rider demanded I pick her up on a road closed because of a Virginia Tech football game. Same day, another rider pinged me to 1103 Some Street when she was at 1311 Some Avenue! Then asked me if this was my first drive (no) and how long had I been driving (9 months and 1,200 trips)! Got tagged...
  16. BurgerTiime

    Couple of passengers destroy drivers car (warns other drivers)

    http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2017/08/21/uber-riders-rage-hollywood/ HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Two Uber riders were caught on camera going on a rowdy rampage in Hollywood. The women have been identified as 26-year-old Stacy Avila and 32-year-old Larissa Avila. Uber driver Travis Cole, who...
  17. Canteev

    Do drivers pick up rides that are rude on the phone?

    I got a pick up at a bar area. I always pick a spot to park and tell the passengers to come to me. I got a request from a girl with a 4.92 rating. As soon as I get to my spot, I send a text telling her where I am. Maybe she didn't receive it, as Uber can be slow with texts. She eventually...
  18. M

    Pax called me a thief...

    Recently I accepted a pax on 3.4x surge for a half mile ride to her dorm. I was happy for getting a surge rate but as soon as she opened the door I regretted. She opened up and didn't even greet me on my how are you doing, she rolled her eyes and told me that I should be ashamed and that I was a...
  19. M

    Why do riders expect so much for a $3.75 fare?

    They will give 1 star for a 2 block ride? My car is clean and I'm polite at all times, so what is going on?
  20. Cossio

    Pax like Verna who Cancel an Airport Pickup

    .....should be banned for making me wait over 30 minutes for nothing.