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rude pax

  1. LinnyVan

    Pax applies sunscreen on in my car.

    So a family of four squeezes in my car. The dad gets in my front seat.. he must have weighed about 250 plus pounds. The whole car sank when I started to drive. On the way to their drop off in West Hollywood from downtown LA, he starts putting suntan lotion on his arms that I could see while I...
  2. Uberingen

    Be nice to the people who find your wallet...

    I picked up a 20+ girl and we had a nice chat throughout the way, said she was going to become a veterinarian, how it was great to be helping them, etc etc. She was working part time at a book store too. So an educated, book loving, kind Canadian, eh? I dropped her off at her location then...
  3. Canteev

    Remedy to pax slamming doors

    With Uber, every day is just another day to disrespect a driver. I set myself up perfectly to get a 2.0x surge(Shore rate) at bar closing. I get there, and five people are coming to my car. I tell them that it's illegal to have five people in a sedan. After the usual "I'll tip you," "what...
  4. warrior lady

    Types of Pax(Not Race),Pax Attitude,Weather Conditions, or Location Cause Inner Roadman to Come Out

    Cold, Dark, Rainy Weather.. Pool pax with no surge Huge maze of apartment complex with tons of speed bumps Improperly dropped pin Add More to My List: Something to do on a rainy night!
  5. ibeam23

    How would you handle this situation?

  6. LinnyVan

    Loud obnoxious milinials!!!!

    So I had a ping in the Brentwood area for a girl named Sophia. I waited almost the five minutes and then I see four people approaching my car with balloons. A guy and three girls. My first instinct was to cancel. It was so hot today and my allergies were acting up...I was a bit cranky. They get...
  7. Canteev

    Paxes like these make me want to quit

    I pick up a pax--along with three friends--from Asbury Park to Middletown. I do my usual thing and follow the GPS. From my experience of everyday driving, my tendency is to keep left when I have to drive straight on the same road with just one lane. Usually right lanes are for new roads. I...
  8. Canteev

    What would you do?

    I go to pick up a pax, and we had a bit of a difficulty when it came to pickup location. Since I gots ticket for "blocking" traffic, I've been very careful about where I pick up and drop off. The address given on the app was not where the paxes were waiting. They basically needed to cross the...
  9. Rahlo

    Can Someone Teach People In Central Denver How To Act?

    It almost got real last night when a dude in the Highlands (1) got in my car with a lit cig (2) jacks with my radio (3) starts talking trash. I had to read him the Riot Act before he got back in line. This NEVER happens to me in Montbello, N. Aurora, on Federal, or Commerce City. They know...
  10. Edman

    Another VIP Occurrence/Incident!!!!LOL

    Last week I picked up VIP rider from the Atlantic Station. She was visiting from Miami and you can tell she was RICH lady in her late 50’s. Well, she had 3 other companion girls with her sitting in the back seat and this VIP Rich Lady sat up front with me but did not care to put on her seat belt...
  11. Edman

    Giving low rating stars to passenger-Could it affect your ratings, due to retaliation?

    Could the passengers see which drivers gave them low rating stars? I'm trying to avoid retaliation here. But they do deserve 3 stars.
  12. UberReallySucks

    Another Uber Pax Attacks Driver ... when told to get out!

    Crazed Uber Passenger Attacks Driver Knife-wielding woman, 22, went nuts, Florida police report JULY 11--Following a dispute with her Uber driver, a Florida woman allegedly bit and scratched the victim’s arm before attempting to flatten all of the vehicle’s tires with a 10-inch kitchen...
  13. J

    Pax said this...

    I just had a ride in Carlsbad, CA and when I called the lady after she took her time to come out she was walking out and saw my truck. With her Scandanavian accent she goes "sorry I can't get into a truck, I'm going to an elegant restaurant and I will not show up in a truck." She then proceeded...
  14. afrojoe824

    Rider Orders Uber Pool - Complains it's not a mercedes picking her up!!

    Yesterday I picked up a 2.9x surge UberPool pax. Rated a 4.7 and decided it would be a good pick up. 2.9x multiplier with ok rating. Why not? I pick up the pax and she asks how much the fare was. I advised I do not know as UberPool is a set price. Explained to the pax that she would see the...