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rose bowl

  1. Serrano

    Rose Bowl/Taylor Swift

    Did anyone drive people to/from the Taylor Swift concert last night? How was it? I was watching the map for a little while after 10pm and I didn't see any prime time. Maybe it hit later after I had lost I interest and quit checking...
  2. Uber7654

    Pool to rose bowl

    Got a pool pax going to rose bowl from Pasadena. A 40 minute traffic nightmare that cost just 7 and change. Never again.
  3. nostrils

    New Years Day - Pasadena

    How Many of you got passes? I managed to get one for the float parade but as hard as I tried I couldn't get one for the game. Does anyone have a game pass they want to sell me and if so how much, please message me with the price. Happy new year all.