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  1. S

    Is this the future of retail? - Yes.

    Robots picking your order: Robots delivering your order:
  2. Karl Marx

    Robot Rides Are Going to Deliver Pizza and Parcels Before People

  3. tomatopaste

    Robots can't come soon enough

    Every employee at this McDonald's is a direct decedent from the Star Wars bar scene
  4. Karl Marx

    No, That Robot Will Not Steal Your Job

    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/07/opinion/sunday/no-that-robot-will-not-steal-your-job.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=opinion-c-col-left-region&region=opinion-c-col-left-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-left-region This opinion writer seems to thinks that the...
  5. Karl Marx

    Brexit won’t help Britain survive the rise of the robots

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jul/17/brexit-wont-help-britain-survive-the-rise-of-the-robots "The third industrial revolution will replace human beings with machines on an unimagined scale. This will create a long, global deflation."
  6. Maven

    Self-Driving Cars Will Create Amazing New Jobs

    Uber/Lyft will need all current drivers to implement self-driving cars whenever they become available! Drivers will not be deactivated en-mass because we are absolutely critical and essential to the plan. The moment Uber/lyft uses 1 automated vehicle owned by the company they will be considered...
  7. Maven

    Tax SDCs that Eliminate Human Jobs

    Bill Gates has proposed this to "defray the societal cost that robots will create". http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2017/02/20/robots-take-peoples-jobs-should-pay-taxes-says-bill-gates/ This is already a political issue in France...
  8. Karl Marx

    Paul Mason - 'Can Robots Kill Capitalism'

  9. Karl Marx

    The current crisis spells the end of the neoliberal model. Why Uber doesn't work for workers.

    http://greenagenda.org.au/2017/02/postcapitalism-an-interview-with-paul-mason/?utm_content=buffer5c4c3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer Many of you have probably not heard of Paul Mason, he is a British progressive and economic writer and has emerged as one of the...
  10. Karl Marx

    How Robots & Trump will Destroy The American Economy

    Prof. Wolff, one of the very few people that called the Great Recession, thinks we are headed for another and this time more devastating. Uber is symptomatic of the strategy most firms will employ in order to survive the next meltdown. The transition to fully automated factories and robot...
  11. Karl Marx

    The end of work and the rise of robots.

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/07/opinion/the-robot-revolution-will-be-the-quietest-one.html?contentCollection=smarter-living&hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=second-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0 The elites are out of touch and with no plans...
  12. Karl Marx

    In just five years, robots will steal six per cent of U.S. jobs...

    Technology advances exponentially, not at a steady linear pace. http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/are-robots-coming-for-our-jobs-1.3765986
  13. Karl Marx

    The Tech Revolution Rides On A Wave Of Lost Jobs

    http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/ike-awgu/tech-revolution-outdated-jobs_b_11710988.html If you follow what the tech futurists are warning and if this happens faster than their predictions, we could face mass dislocation of people not just in the transportation industries but also finance and...
  14. UberxGTA

    Anyone notice how many robots are trolling this forum??

    Just noticed there are 78 robots online on this forum! Anyone know exactly what that means??