1. Uber_Yota_916

    Uber Driver in Coma

    Keeping it classy in Sacramento, Ca. I hope the driver recovers and the pax spends some years locked up. Unfortunately in California attacking someone with a knife is probably not a felony. https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article235833932.html
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver busted 3x the legal limit carrying passengers

    http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/man-fuming-after-uber-trip-with-a-drunk-driver Man fuming after Uber trip with an accused drunk driver PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A Valley man said his Uber driver was noticeably intoxicated when he got a ride in October. The man also said when he called the...
  3. Lurking

    Warning Driving Under 8 year-olds

    Check this out to avoid serious risks and additional problems
  4. Lurking

    Problem Driving Kids Under 8 Without Car Seat

    Has this happened to you? A fare with a mom without a car seat taking her young child to daycare or the hospital or ... If you protest then she appeals to your compassion and/or declares that many other drivers have done it before. What should you do? Isn't it just another fare? Well consider...
  5. Lurking

    Don't carry young children without a car seat

    Read this.
  6. Maven

    Child Safety Seat Laws

    If you have not already encountered a parent with a young child, but no Child Safety Seat (car seat), then you soon will. The parent will beg you to transport them, despite the HUGE RISK to you, the driver. You may feel compassionate, but is that or a couple of dollars worth the terrible...
  7. D

    Discontinue at the end of this month (8/17).

    Hello.. I've decided to discontinue driving for Uber/Lyft at the end of this month. Eventhough I get some extra pay, the risk outweigh the rewards such as insurance, low pay (especially through Uber eats), wear and tear on the car. It had its moments and decided to end it if not sooner. Good...
  8. Maven

    Too Risky To Drive For Lyft

    Please answer the poll. Is it too risky to drive for Lyft if you do not have commercial insurance or a rideshare-rider/endorsement on your personal auto insurance policy? Drivers have greater risk because they spend more hours driving more miles often during more dangerous times (when bars...
  9. Maven

    Demand UberPool Removal!

    Has anybody had success doing this? Start nice and request that your account no longer receive UberPool. State that you will NEVER accept an UberPool request. You no longer want to temporarily disabled or logged-off after refusing 3 requests. Be honest, the records may be checked. Give a valid...
  10. circle1

    Brown & Brown Just Told Me They Will Not Sell Business Insurance For . . .

    . . . TNC contracting work! The agent said the insurers he checked with thought the risk was too high!!
  11. Independent Earthling

    Surge Capped at 2.9x Today?

    I saw a message about the surge cap (2.9x) today when I started the passenger app this morning. I wonder who'd want to risk driving with that. I almost got into an accident today because my Prius wouldn't want to stop. Also, traffic will move much more slowly today, and we are mostly paid by...
  12. Muki

    Remove Uber logo from windshield for my protection?

    I just started driving for Uber and am now coming to terms with insurance risks that I previously didn't know about. What's worrying me is the period when you have no passenger nor are en route to one. My personal insurer Progressive which gives me a stellar rate would void my policy instantly...