ripped off

  1. Djhuber63

    Caltex wah???

    Is anyone able to see the little Caltex icons and fuel prices the death star promise is there on the map? By the way Caltex Newlands Rd Coburg refuse to offer discount. Not Woolworths store.
  2. Goongpad77

    Oh the IRONY!

    I was a bit naïve to think that, working for luxury services, I would be servicing wealthier customers! There’s a sushi bar in my area where the affluent visit and the tips are awesome there. You would assume that services like these would attract an affluent base. It’s exactly the opposite here...
  3. UberInClay

    Who didn’t get incentive pay from TPC?

    The $15 minimum ride incentive got me to turn out for TPC (during incentive hours only). I had 6 trips that should qualify but never got paid. I’m out over $38. Here’s an example: Pretty clear it should qualify, right? I sent all the trip details to the support people and they couldn’t...
  4. N

    Uber's deceitful behaviour with Upfront Pricing (fix price trips)

    Why would Uber implement Upfront pricing ? Why would Uber fixed the price for a trip ? Because it allows them to set the price. To underquote a price to the rider. Riders who see a low price will likely request the trip. Upfront Pricing is Uber's way to win back those riders that have moved over...
  5. B

    Premium Passenger

    Okay, has this happen to anyone. I pick up a rider and I lose connect to the server. Quickly I try to regain the connection and have no luck, so I ask the rider for directions hoping to reconnect and let UBER know that I have picked up the rider. So as the rider is giving me direction I'm try...
  6. Toonces-the-cat

    When are we going to wake up?

    Why does Uber get a booking fee? $1.85 per ride. It used to be all they would get 20%. Then they added that safe rider fee of $1.00. Now they have the booking fee. The drivers show get 75% to 80% of that money. Think about it on a short run for example, 8min 1.52 miles total the fare is $5.35...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber not being upfront about upfront fares, drivers say Uber driver John Peart says that he's not being paid properly for certain trips. It's no secret that only a portion of what you pay for an Uber ride makes it to your driver. Uber pockets 25 per cent of each fare...
  8. Uberchampion

    Global Thread :Driver waits 5 minutes but wont get pax "No Show" fee..

    It looks like Uber is trying to phase out the cancellation fee that drivers collect when a passenger doesnt show up after a 5+ minute wait. In Toronto they wont pay it out anymore unless you continuously complain. What do you guys think?
  9. Kinski

    New Trick to Ripp off drivers?

    I had a young girl today, I picked her up from her single family house. The address was preset because I had the destination filter on.. I am sure I confirmed the name, on the way when she acted little strange looking at me and then away, but I still squeezed out a short conversation with...
  10. Arunas

    Uber is CHEATING you!

    Good day fellow drivers, I wanted to share with you my experience with Uber and how they are cheating! I don't know if you will find these same issues on your account, but its definitely worth checking. The problem I have only occurs on UberPOOL trips. The first time I noticed it was on...
  11. Fireguy50

    Are guarantees a lie?

    Uber guaranteed $2,000 to drive the Memorial Day weekend in Detroit. So if guarantees were true why aren't there hundreds of people bragging about the big payday they made?
  12. dirtnaprightnow

    UBER has proved the are theives

    Today was the LAST straw. I'm a prior contract driver (X @ 20% XL @ 28 %) . Today was the Twins home opener and got hype emails from UBER saying how busy we would be. Normally I would not ever take a non surge X but I figured I walk on the wild side and take a plain X. Dropped the rider at...