1. SirNomad

    I Updated My Profile in Hopes to Get More Tips.

  2. MoreTips

    Wall Street Journal blast Ubers new changes.

    Here is the URL address unfortunately I do not have a account subscription. If someone does please post the article. Check out at least what is visible.
  3. I

    Well, ... I've Made my Choice!

    Was never sure which way I was going on this UBER v Black Cabbie thing.... until now. Sunday 15th October 2017. DLR cancelled. Woolwich line completely closed. AND no replacement bus service was put on. AND the national rail train to Woolwich also wasn't operating. I had been away...
  4. ReyesMX6

    The cat is out of the bag! If they would only report on drivers earnings....oh the things that you can think...
  5. whatnowater

    Uber Class Action Lawsuit California: Upfront pricing ripping off drivers I love California. If you are unhappy you can just sue. Now when do we get paid back??
  6. T

    Uber's idea of holiday incentive!

    Normally I'd work from Monday till Friday sometimes Saturday but to my surprise when checked the app tonight the money for instant pay says $0.00. After contacting support. These rats try to give me the run around saying. "We apologize for the confusion. We have initiated a direct deposit due to...
  7. L

    EXPRESS DRIVE......bad business!!!!

    I can't believe this company is so evil! These are animals!!!! Ripping drivers off like were not even human. I have seen criminal activity, but this is inhumane!!! My friend has zero money now, from the last few weeks!!!and they think its a game. Stealing her surge money - its a slaughter house!
  8. Redhurricane

    For all those considering doing this gig

    I present exhibit A and B. Only one was adjusted.
  9. UberBoomer

    Uber stiffed me on my surge...

    I am in Phoenix and this past weekend was the final four NCAA tournament here. Uber had set up a special pickup spot and the surge rates were extremely high at on either point they were around 8.5X on Saturday. I was waiting in the queue but the queue was not working and the surge was falling so...
  10. N

    Reporting Ubers Upfront Pricing to the FTC

    If drivers want to make uber stop this ripoff that effects us all more than some even realize, follow this step by step and report uber to the ftc! IF WE ALL TAKES 5 MINUTES TO REPORT THIS TO FTC THEY WOULD START AN INVESTIGATION IMMEDIATELY, and THERE WILL BE CHANGE. ITS the ftc, the don't...
  11. Sam22

    Pool or x?

    Hi, I am heading out for a drink and please help me pick which Uber I should call?
  12. agtg

    40% of my fares last night were either lowered or deleted.

    Uber is such a corrupt, lawless company and they love to wink and nod at the corrupt ridership they've heaped up unto themselves. Not all riders are sleazy, but a large percentage are. These people have been given free reign to lie and manipulate their way out of legitimate fares because the...
  13. AlexTBM

    Stephen.... you bring shame on honest drivers

    I drive for Uber in Austin. I like to think that I never intentionally take "the long way around" or otherwise do anything to stretch out a journey. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Stephen down in San Antonio. This last weekend my daughter and her boyfriend had a pleasant time as...
  14. D

    Lyft Line Fare to FLL Airport

    I generally don't accept Line rides, but this morning I accepted one only because it was supposed to be PT. The first Pax had about a 4 mile trip. as i am pulling up to her building I got a 2nd pax, which didn't really make sense considering that I was driving up the driveway. I drop her off...
  15. CommanderXL

    Okeechobee Music Festival

    I just got an email from Uber offering passengers flat-rate fares to the Okeechobee Music Festival from Tampa for $125 (X) and $175 (XL). Regular rates are $154-$205 (X) and $275-$365 (XL). It's 150+ miles and 2.5 hours to the middle of nowhere and one way. Hopefully I don't need to explain why...
  16. JohnF

    I got a call from Uber ....

    On Feb 17, 2016 1:00 pm (ish) I got a call from an Uber rep. This young guy said we noticed that you haven't logged on for over a month and was wondering if everything was okay. I replied that everything was just peachy. He then asked, "So why haven't you been driving". My response was "Well...
  17. ranger0793

    Surging in Pensacola

    Has anyone actually caught a request during a surge? I always see the area surging, however seems as though my fares are never in the surge zone. I also get the message about going offline when the area is surging, however I feel the surge is just a scam to keep people out on the road. What...
  18. N

    Proof Uber Now CHARGING drivers to Drive!

    Uber is taking ride sharing to a whole new level, they are charging me $1.35 for driving a customer 35 miles to the airport!