1. SunchaserTampa

    Ooooh - Gee - over-priced coffee !! B1 - G1

    Uber has outdone themselves - as a reward for driving, we can get one free coffee if we buy STARBUX ... Too bad most of us aren't making jack-doodle right now -and are bringing our OWN water, gatorade, sweet tea and so forth. Because we get so much in tips ............. and as...

    How I lost $300 working 48 hours for UBER

    Seriously people. We're all getting *ucked here. I'm uploading my findings after experimenting as an UBER driver for one week. I accepted EVERY request and provided TOP service. The results were disheartening to say the least. I assert nobody is making money in ANY semi-rural market. I’ve...
  3. kensteriraq

    Uber and the Bangalore mafia not paying guaranteed surge

    I drive uber because Lyft doesn't have reliable prime time pricing and isn't busy enough to guarantee a steady check but I'm getting close to going straight Lyft. Uber had guaranteed 1.7 surge 1-3am by Adams Morgan and paid straight rate for the longest worst pool I'd been on in awhile! Uber...
  4. T

    Lowest Pool Fare

    So, what has been your lowest pool fare payout? I had a ride last night that paid out $1.90. The only redeeming thing about that ride was that the girl was pleasant and nicely tipsy.