1. New2This

    Coronavirus Riots Pool

    If the hysteria keeps up, there will be rioting like Eagles fans after their lone Super Bowl victory. Which city will it be? I didn't list D.C. because I don't think this area's riot prone. At least not the first one.
  2. Mark Johnson

    Uber drivers stage protest through London -- seek Minimum wage More than a hundred Uber drivers have mounted a go-slow protest through central London to put pressure on the city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, to insist the US company guarantee the...
  3. Shastatbeanster

    Driving during rioting ....not doing that.

    Pretty sure my car insurance has a clause about not covering my car for damage during a riot so I stayed home the last few days...anyone else do this? or am I being a wussy...Also even if people are illegally blocking the I-25 is it true I could go to jail if car bump them!!!! screw that...