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  1. T

    Your experience with Bingle Comprehensive Ridesharing Insurance please

    Am looking at the insurance cover including rideshare and have found that Bingle is quite cheaper as compared to NRMA and Allianz. Anyone has experience with Bingle. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated please. Thanks
  2. T

    Is Toyota Corolla a good option for ridesharing

    Please give your inputs from your experiences as am planning to buy a Toyota Corolla for ridesharing? Thanks
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    At what gas prices will you stop doing ridesharing?

    Hello Team,. At what price of gasoline will you stop doing ridesharing? It's almost $1.60 in Vancouver now, and appears that gasoline prices are back on an upward trajectory.
  4. Zdriver19

    Via will lose license unless it expands servicel

    Ride-hailing service Via will lose license unless it expands service to Wards 7 and 8, D.C. officials say...
  5. CatchNRelease

    Pax using rideshare to deliever food and stuff

    I had an X rider who was running a catering or distributing service from their bakery to their retail stores. Of course drivers wouldn't know this untill the rider with their stuff (boxes) are in the car. Drivers may not suspect this if the pick up is at a bus terminal for instance. Anyway, the...
  6. givemewine1st

    Was Disactivated 4 Refusing a Pet who was not a service dog

    Uber seems to be going in outer space. Montreal bylaws governing taxi public transport of animals state that a taxi driver can refuse a regular pet. no reason is required. however Montreal code says you can not refuse a service animal. but there is an exception. if the driver has a phobia or an...
  7. M

    What's with this hype of the new rideshare service in Perth?

    Hey guys, has anyone got any info about this new ridesharing service (Hi Oscar) in Perth? There is not too much info on their website, but everyone is talking about it. Does anyone know when their App launches? I'm interested in driving for them maybe. Cheers
  8. Overuber

    ATO Targets UBER drivers

  9. Barbj379

    X-mas gifts

    So I might be writing off my holiday shopping this year. Now my logic is to use the actual costs method, under which gasoline is a legitimate business expense. I'm gonna buy gas gift cards for everyone in my family for X-mas. I know that's pretty slimy, and they might realize that I bought...
  10. R

    Would you consider expanding your reach as a driver?

    We're launching in the Portland area and currently looking for top-notch Uber and Lyft drivers that are looking to get MORE RIDES. Please PM me if interested. As you know, early adopters usually make the most!
  11. eman1122

    Google Getting in on the Action

    Looks like Google has now officially become a rival for both Uber and Lyft. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/google-takes-on-uber-with-new-ride-share-service/ar-AAigHEc?li=BBnbfcN "Unlike Uber and its crosstown rival Lyft Inc., both of which largely operate as on-demand taxi...
  12. MTDave

    Rideshare insurance (Gap coverage) in Montana help

    Since Uber just started up here in MT I am finding it impossible to find Ride-sharing insurance to cover my vehicle. I can get a full blown commercial policy but it would cost an unbelievable amount of money. Does anyone know of an Insurance company that writes a rides-sharing policy in Montana?
  13. eman1122

    Uber's Acceptance Rate Policy (They Do Have One)

    Interesting read. Too bad I can't post the link on here because of "banned words" (really). Anyway, Uber does have the following policy regarding acceptance rates: "But with the release of Uber’s official deactivation policy, it now clearly states: " The article goes on to talk about time...
  14. N

    Anyone want to signup to this?

    I don't know if this has been posted... just for lolz, these are the type of people whom we are working for. They thought of an idea to feel better about themselves and then we do the dirty work for them. TheHelpingHand.club uses Uber to direct homeless people to shelters oops! I still can't...
  15. H


    PLEASE post any current, and verified information regarding FLORIDA's auto insurance situation, related to "ridesharing". As of the last 24 hours (April 28th 2016), the following auto insurance companies, for auto insurance in the state of FLORIDA, regarding "RIDESHARE" endorsement, or, related...
  16. omegaman4654


    Guys, not sure if everyone has heard yet but there's a new ride-sharing provider in Sydney called GoCatch that are saying that their close to launching and are currently recruiting drivers. They said drivers can use them alongside Uber to source extra work while their on the road. They're...
  17. eman1122

    Ride Sharing Makes It to "Ryan's Roses" Did You Hear It?

    I usually listen to the radio on my way to my 9-5 in the OC. There's a segment they do called "Ryan's Roses" where a girlfriend or wife calls in to the station with concerns of their spouses possibly cheating and the radio station will call the husband or boyfriend to offer them free roses to...
  18. eman1122

    It's Only A Matter of Time

    I wonder how long it will take Uber to use this method to phase out drivers currently on their 20% commission tier. Just a thought.