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rideshare insurance

  1. Michael - Cleveland

    Why so many of us recommend a rideshare insurance endorsement

    This is why so many of us recommend a rideshare insurance endorsement https://uberpeople.net/threads/this-is-why-you-need-proper-rideshare-insurance.305407/ BradSussmanInsurance
  2. N

    Lyft hub car inspections and insurance question

    My friends, Does the lyft hub in Chicago do inspections? If so, for how much and is it done at the regular working hours or do you have to set up an appointment? I have regular Geico insurance for my car, full coverage, do I have to add rideshare insurance?
  3. D

    How much is your rideshare insurance? (poll) + more

    A pivot point: Going with or without rideshare insurance, and balancing this into the books. I obtained a quote with a rideshare rider that added an additional $325.00 / 6 months ($54 / month, or extrapolated to $650 / year), but haven't been floating around for rideshare quotes much since I...
  4. chitown22

    Does anybody know who’s writing rideshare polcies in NC?

    North Carolina seems to be the only state where you can’t get rideshare insurance. Has anybody started writing policies there recently?
  5. BradSussmanInsurance

    There's No Reason Not To Have Rideshare Insurance

    When I began sponsoring this forum (going on three years now), there were only a few insurance carriers that provided rideshare insurance coverage. As of today, there are only a few insurance carriers that don't provide rideshare insurance coverage! There's no reason not to be properly...
  6. TdotUber

    Lyft/uber insurance combine

    Just wondering how many folks here have told their auto insurance company that they have also started doing Lyft on top of uber... I asked because I just noticed Lyft commercial insurance is provided by Aviva and Uber’s by Intact... Since uber got legalized a while back I had switched my...
  7. BradSussmanInsurance

    Insurance Competition Is Good For You!

    There's no reason to not have rideshare coverage, especially now. There's competition between the carriers and that can mean savings for you! When I started sponsoring this page (I'm on my third year) there were just a few companies offering rideshare coverage. Now I represent six different...
  8. R

    Questions about rideshare insurance.

    Is rideshare insurance a requirement to do uber and Lyft in GA?
  9. N

    Rideshare Drivers... need to know!!!

    If your a rideshare driver, its best that you get your business licence and have it posted somewhere on your car. It clearly states on the license that it must be posted in a conspicuous area. The other worry, is rideshare insurance enough. Answer:No! A recent rideshare driver was in an...
  10. BAKAD

    State Farm - Rideshare Insurance

    Uber is sending out emails letting us know State Farm is offering rideshare insurance. They offer it to part-time drivers that put on low milage. That's the catch, the amount of miles you drive. I have been a State Farm customer for 20 years and I called. When I told them the miles I was...
  11. Uguy22

    Help with rideshare Insurance

    i am looking for adding a rideshare Insurance to cover part 1 non covered by Uber. After checking with GEICO ( my insurance since 2008, nothing on my record) it just doubles my premiums !! Any one who could help with something cheaper.
  12. C

    Rideshare Insurance

    I just got a rideshare insurance quote from Foremost/Farmers - $500 deductible good coverage - $341 a month. Bradenton/Sarasota Florida area. I currently pay $98 a month for personal coverage (same coverage). $241 a month increase isn’t worth it for a part time driver. The tax deduction is...
  13. BradSussmanInsurance

    Changes To Rideshare Insurance

    While several of the Major Insurance carriers still specifically exclude rideshare driving, a growing number of Insurers now see the light and are catching on to the 'gig' economy. I represent several rideshare friendly companies, so even if you have a few dings on your record, we should be able...
  14. SunchaserTampa

    Rideshare Inurance / State Farm - SNAG .....

    Ok my fellow Uber-pilots, here's the deal. As I said yesterday, I went to my local State Farm guy for a quote.Did that today, at lunchtime. Really nice guy - very knowledgable and helpful. He saw the company email that State Farm is offering ride share - but he had no idea how to go about...
  15. L

    Anyone have recommendations for insurance that covers uber in IL/MO

    I am licensed in Illinois but live on the border. I'm currently located in downtown Saint Louis but my family still lives in Illinois so I keep my car registered and insured over there but could become insured in Missouri. I'm disqualified from Geico's amazing hybrid program as you can only...
  16. MikesUber

    Woman Has to Foot the Bill After Delivery Driver Hits Her Parked Car

    Source: http://www.wtae.com/article/woman-has-to-foot-the-bill-after-delivery-driver-hits-her-parked-car/10243407 PITTSBURGH — There are more companies offering delivery service now than ever. Companies like Uber and Lyft deliver people to where they want to go. Grubhub delivers food and a...
  17. JasonB

    Rideshare insurance

    Back when I started doing Uber, Metromile seemed to be one of the only games in town, so that's who I went with. TBH, I have never really been very happy with them as a company or their customer service. I've been informed that they are getting out of the rideshare insurance game, so I'm looking...
  18. New2This

    Erie Rideshare Insurance in VA

    Hey everyone, Those of you living in VA know that for a while GEICO was the only game in town when it comes to proper insurance coverage. My Erie agent that does my non-Uberworthy car told me Erie now offers rideshare coverage in VA. GEICO was $200 down & 150/month just for my Uber car. With...
  19. BradSussmanInsurance

    Uber cuteness

    This happens tomorrow in Milwaukee... You'll never guess what Uber will be delivering/lending. What a great idea! click here
  20. Michael - Cleveland

    Adding a driver to a rideshare policy

    So, BradSussmanInsurance , the question remains: I have an auto-policy with the 'business use' rider for rideshare. If I add a named driver to the policy, are they also covered under the business use rider? In other words, If I want to allow a friend/relative/business partner use my car for...