rideshare coverage

  1. W

    State Farm Rideshare endorsement

    Hey ya'll, does anyone currently have a State Farm Rideshare endorsement? if so, how much more per month is it than your regular policy? Thanks for the info and be safe. I'm on my 3rd day of driving.....
  2. Pete Z

    How much $ w/ RS in Ohio?

    Hi guys. I'm new here. Just curious how much Ohio drivers are paying for their insurance with ride- share? Under $100 per month? Thanks!
  3. T

    Auto Insurance

    Hi everyone, I tried digging through the forum to see if this question has been discussed before but couldn't find anything (probably didn't search deep enough). Can anyone recommend a rideshare friendly insurance company? Who are you insured with? As always, all feedback is appreciated...
  4. @earth_to_jen

    FLORIDA TNC INSURANCE: FAJUA via Insurance Today Group Sunshine State steps up to plate

    Florida Auto Joint Underwriters Association are just waiting for the ink to dry on their brand new personal policy that covers TNC drivers:) Waiting on clarification from our Rideshare Insurance Agent for Florida, but it looks like 24/7 pip available. Also waiting on clarification to see if...