1. Pax Collector

    Ok, which one of you ants.....

    ...is driving stick shift in San Franshitco and impressing pax? RIP clutch.
  2. Pax Collector

    How to be a highly rated rider

    Since I've seen a couple of posts recently advising riders how to become five star riders, I decided to come up with my own "Expert" advice. Dear riders, It's much, much easier for you to keep a perfect rating than it is for your drivers. Simply be on time at the right place, be courteous...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    DEAR LYFT: Please Educate Your RIDERS on ETIQUETTE

    (In this spirit of this thread: https://uberpeople.net/threads/sorry-need-to-vent-this-morons-im-surrounded-by-morons-they-are-everywhere.298832/ ) This costs nothing to do, and LYFT knows it has a reputation of sending out long pings to its drivers. LYFT should automatically send a message if...
  4. G

    Dangerous and suspicious behaving riders

    Riders' true or real identities are hidden from the driver and even Uber currently. The sms short code text verification of a mobile device and phone numbers is no longer in use. Riders can log in without the security code (text). Different prepaid sim cards are being used by riders to hide...
  5. Atluberpeepjak

    How many riders? App info

    I no longer see in app how many passengers to expect at pickup after accepting trip request. Where should I be looking for this info? In fare details I no longer see a calculation based on the number of people riding. When did I start giving free rides?
  6. BurgerTiime

    State Laws for Child Safety Seats in Rideshare Vehicles

    https://kidsridesafe.org/map.html It can be a challenge to figure out what the rules are for transporting your kids in a rideshare vehicle. Laws are different from state to state, and they aren’t all crystal clear on who should be doing what. The guidelines below can help keep your children...
  7. LadyJ8A

    Average Rides:Hour Pay:Hour Ratio

    salutations I want to know how many rides to hour ratio do NYC Uber Drivers get? You can include the average pay to hour ratio as well.
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Hello from Big Gay John

    There’s also a Big gay john
  9. BurgerTiime

    Company “Sure” offering passengers extra insurance through app for 24hrs

    https://www.dig-in.com/news/chubb-sure-partner-to-launch-mobile-distributed-accident-coverage-for-rideshare Ride-sharing passengers will be able to buy accident and death coverage in a smartphone app. Insuretech SURE is rolling out a new insurance product, underwritten by Chubb, that...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Lyft claims it now has more than one-third of the US ride-sharing market

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/14/lyft-market-share-051418-bosa-sf.html For the first time, Lyft is disclosing internal market-share numbers, and they show its momentum isn't letting up after it capitalized on Uber's disastrous 2017. Lyft says it has 35 percent of the national ride-sharing...
  11. JD Canada

    Uber pool

    I spoke to uber helpline... they said that a single uber POOL rider can bring a friend along... Is it true ?
  12. Roos

    Do you tip your drivers?

    I've taken about 10 or even more uber/lyft driver as pax. No one tipped me. When I have a ride I always tip my driver by dollar or two even if he or she is not competent imo, I just 4* him. What about you guys? Do you often ride uber/lyft and leave tips?
  13. Teddy2gloves

    Riders request with children but no carseat

    Tired of getting ride requests and when you get there they have kids but no car seats. Then they get pissed because I won't give you and your baby a ride without a carseat...
  14. T

    Drivers as riders

    Wow... just wow. So i pick up this guy last night and we start talking about uber. He says he's also a driver for Uber and Lyft. A few minutes in to the conversation he brings up tipping and is talking about how cheap everyone is. He goes on and on about how rude it is to not tip. So he asked...
  15. Yaya101

    Riders rating is bs

    I need to RANT. I’ve been Uber driving for three weeks. So I’m still fairly new. 100 trips total. I have a nice looking suv, I keep it clean. I’m talking Lysoling frebreezing everything, at the end of the night. I keep those little air fresheners in my vents, keeps my car smelling like a...
  16. UberxGTA

    Uber is spying on riders and drivers.

    Uber is monitoring drivers and riders texts and voice calls to suit their own purposes. If they suspect the rider or driver is violating their community guidelines, Uber will use all necessary means which you as a rider or driver gave them permissions for when downloading the app. Uber...
  17. Jalebkackson

    I will never ask for a riders number, but..

    I get hit on via reviews and face-to-face by riders almost daily. As a male, I feel like many of the times females are hesitant to ask because A: I'm working. B: they don't want to come off as desperate or easy. And C: it's the man's job to ask. There are often times that I can tell they want...
  18. F

    Rider Rate matters ! Dear pax read here

    I always see the rate before i accept any request ! i see a lot people in twitter and facebook not sure how uber driver read there perosnlaty based on thier rate here is my reading for you please share in twitter or face book Here is my Rate reading for all pax my 2 years experiences ...
  19. BurgerTiime

    Uber just emailed former riders to tell them, 'We have fallen short'

    http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-email-scandal-harassment-2017-6 Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images Uber wants former customers to know it's aware it let them down - and that it's trying to improve. In an email sent to riders in New York City on Friday, the new-age taxi company...
  20. Whoanelly

    W.6th and police

    I have been Ubering for 1.5 years and usually, police, despite their mean demeanor when it comes to pick up and drop off on West 6th is tricky. Usually, police flash lights at you to move but hearing lately, they have been ticketing drivers. Not to mention them blocking, making it very...