1. R

    Need driver 8/12 0415hrs

    Hi, any Uber driver available on above stated date and time around Toa Payoh, kovan(uberXL)and choa chu kang(uberXL)area. Need a total of 3 Uber drivers for my family members , 1 at each location to the airport. Drivers please pm me to arrange. Thanks.
  2. Uberdude21

    Do we wait?!

    Ok so I picked up a rider who lives not far from the grocery store that was requested for drop off point. When I got there I ended the trip and they said to wait so they could get a ride back. I did wait but the fair had ended because I stopped the trip. Do we wait? And if the trip was stopped...
  3. M

    Insurance For Passenger

    Hi all uber and grab car drivers, before I embark into this journey...may I know say if you are involved in an accident which involved the passenger... will the passenger sue you since you dont have insurance?
  4. afrojoe824

    Rider Said I "worked for her"

    Picked up a very self entitled middle aged rider. Picked her up (breaking the law as always) by stopping at a "no parking/no stopping" lane. Lady has bags and bags of her belongings. She tells me I needed to help her pick up the bags. On a normal given day, I probably would've helped but it was...
  5. R

    Not showing up on rider app

    Anyone have any insight as to why I dont show up on the rider app when I am online with the partner app? It shows 15+ minutes to get a pickup when I am just 5 minutes away(as a driver)???
  6. U

    White Bowl AND Black Bowl Strategy : Flash your PAX and get a 5 Star rating !

    Hi All, This is the first "COMBO Bowl" in our series or "White Bowl" ideas and "Black Bowl" ideas from the "Think Tanks" at TURD.... (legal disclaimer for discussion purposes and mental exercise only! ).... But truthfully White Hat ideas probably don't need that disclaimer protection BUT what...
  7. RideShare Pro

    Display Rider Name

    Hello. Are the below features of value to drivers? Have a Digital display on the front passenger window that will: - Display rider username. - Will it give a more professional pickup presentation? Eliminate confusion when more than one person waiting for pickup? Cut back on ridejacking? -...
  8. Liz Callin

    Early Ride Available Alexandria to BWI

    Looking for an early morning ride (4:30 AM) from Alexandria, VA to BWI tomorrow (Saturday, Sept. 26). Will drivers be available? Thanks!
  9. iRideShareDC

    UberPeople Sponsors iRideShareDC -- Leasing New RideShare Cars (Best Deals)

    Dear UberPeople community, Before reading this, we want to make it clear that your feedback on our startup is extremely valuable and important to us so please, after reading this, send us a message and let us know your thoughts! We are iRideShareDC, a Washington, D.C. based company and our...
  10. TdotOnTheGo

    I gave a lost item to a rider to give back to owner...

    Hi Uber People Community, I am at a lost on what to do. I picked up a rider X (for clarity sake) few days back, and he left his headphones in my car. I did not notice at first until the rider after him (rider will be named Y) told me. The second rider Y suggested he would return it to X...
  11. tatercakes

    Just started last night... I already have concerns and complaints

    So I did a bit of a short run last night to see how driving for uber may or may not work for me. Three trips. Two less than 4 miles, one little less than 20. Suddenly I have a three star rating and no clue what I did to warrent it. I get the feeling that the star rating is abused. First...
  12. suland

    How to get ONE-star rating: practical guide for riders

    *Edited to reflect user comments After making decent amount of trips, I can point out the number of things riders can do to disrespect themselves and get the lowest rating possible. Let the list begin... 1. Get in the car with food on a plate, start eating it, don't ask the driver for the...