rider ratings

  1. G

    IN the app, is there any way to screen your passengers and locations before selecting to take an assignment?

    I have been getting frustrated by the app, as it will send out little info. On a ride assignment, to allow the driver to know were the pick up and destination is, and to see if you Are possibly picking up a “problem” client. I was wondering if there is a way, before agreeing on taking an...
  2. WestSydGuy

    Penny isn’t a 5 star rider, who knew?

    Some of the finest SMH journalism regarding Uber, to date. Discuss... Who is John Galt? Dear Uber driver, please don't rate me down for not feeling chatty DAILY LIFE The dinner party is no longer serving its purpose And yet, somehow my Uber rating has been slowly slipping. At last glance I was...
  3. Uberegacy

    Changing rider ratings

    Changing rider ratings to 1's for non tippers certainly is extra work and time consuming. I wish I could do it on the phone instead of the computer. How many of you guys actively take the time to change rider ratings? How long do you wait to change it?
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Interesting article in Financial Review of ratings by Uber drivers of riders

    An article by Peter Moon entitled 'Uber ratings force us to look in the mirror' n the Technology column of the Australian Financial Review of Tuesday 7 March 2017 is worth reading. It concerns the ratings Uber drivers give their riders. See...
  5. B

    Changing your rating of a rider, do it.

    It seems lately that I have been getting some more entitled and obnoxious passengers. Two of them were on NYE, no surprise there. You can go back and rate these riders what they deserve by clicking on the fare amount after its posted, "rider feedback" then "change my rating for a rider". It also...
  6. Aussie_Mike

    Reasons why Riders rate Drivers less!

    Because driver doesn't look like Brad Pitt. Because Uber X car is not a luxury car. Because down the hill you exceeded the speed limit by 1 kph. Because you didn't stop for the yellow light. Because you did stop for the yellow light. Because you arrived to quickly. Because the rider is...
  7. RamzFanz

    Are you a 5-star rider? Uber advises riders.

    https://newsroom.uber.com/sri-lanka/are-you-a-5-star-rider/ With more people in Colombo using Uber to get where they need to go, here’s our guide on how you can be a 5-star rider. Move around the city like an expert and ensure that you have a 5-star rider experience from start to finish. Rate...
  8. DrivenToDistraction

    Partner "Support." Are You Kidding Me?

    I swear if I had a dollar for all the ways that Uber makes me detest them, well....I wouldn't have to drive for Uber. I don't know why I even bother sending an e-mail to "partner" support. Some ill trained stooge in an offshore call center glances at my e-mail, looks for the first word that...
  9. N

    How I now "star rate" riders - I gave it some serious thought.

    After analyzing quite a few weeks rides, I have decided NOT to give all riders 5 stars like I used to. (unless they were really horrible) - If a rider makes me wait more than FIVE minutes - 4 stars (everybody apologizes - but that doesn't pay my bills)- My car MUST be moving to make $$$ - A...