rider feedback

  1. E

    New Passenger rating options needed

    Uber needs to expand the list of reasons we select from when giving someone a 1 rating.
  2. Charlie Schwartz

    Rider feedback, reports

    I got my first rider feedback today. In fact, I got two of them. I've been driving for months with no feedback and the issues they reported (navigation, for one) are issues which have been so much worse in the past by me. Did Uber change the rider app to encourage more feedback? Or are these...
  3. Riders Champion

    Never give up when running late!

    Happy Ending!
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Some of your five-star comments may be hiding

    Don't assume that your latest five-star comments from riders are at the top of the comments. They may be interspersed with older comments. I have a December comment below five older comments: two November comments, one October comment, another November comment and another October comment...
  5. MikesUber

    Introducing Compliments - A New Way to Say Thanks

    Sometimes, 5 stars just isn’t enough. That’s why riders often leave notes in the app letting their driver know what he or she did to make their journey that much more enjoyable. Sometimes the small thingsㄧlike playing the perfect song at the right time or lending a hand with a heavy piece of...
  6. Jack Malarkey

    Rider feedback about cleanliness

    The app for the last few days has shown my top reported issues as 'cleanliness'. Yet when I seek details the app advises under feedback that I have 'no reported issues'. I have emailed Uber Partner Support and asked them to explain this apparent contradiction and either provide some explanation...
  7. James78

    Question about Reported Issues in Rider Feedback

    Hello fellow Uber Drivers, I'm relatively new to Uber as a driver and I have actually have two questions? 1.) I've emailed uber support with a couple of different questions but never got a response. I've checked my spam and verified my email address. Is uber support real? I've found most...
  8. pandabear2016

    Rider Feedback Issue Problem with Professionalism & Attitude

    So I opened up my Uber App and found this RIDER FEEDBACK. Looks like it came from the first week of August. Professionalism and 1 report about my ATTITUDE. Then it talks about how to improve your attitude. Well, I am one to say I have worked in customer service over 5 years in various positions...
  9. Zimmermen

    Rider Feedback

    Hi... I new to the forum so if this is a stupid question please be kind. In the rider feedback section I just got 57 bad reports all at once. I know this has to be some kind of glitch or something... I have a 4.81 rating and tons of5 star comments in the past month saying the direct opposite...
  10. afrojoe824

    Rider Feedback Issues is a JOKE!

    Are these pax being serious? I have a 4.88 rating and nothing but positive comments. People said it was smooth and comfortable ride. Then these Issues that were reported. These pax will do anything for a free ride. It's frustrating. But then the comments and my overall rating says these...
  11. BlueDwarf

    Rated 5 star count went down all off a sudden!!!

    Hi guys, need some advice on this. On my Uber app, I had total of 170 rated trips among which 125 was 5 star rating up until Sunday. I woke up Monday morning to my surprise, my 5 star rating count went to 115 and total rated trips to 160 meaning non-5 Star rating remained unchanged. And this is...