rider fee calculations

  1. Maven

    Uber Charging More in Rich Neighborhoods

    Do not expect the drivers to get any benefit whosoever since on May 22nd, Uber discarded the previous relationship between what riders pay and what drivers earn. It's "Upfront Pricing" on steroids. Bloomberg May 26 2017 by Lisa Fleisher and Timothy Coulter There’s a New Spin on Surge Pricing...
  2. Stygge

    Booking fee

    NEVER MIND I figured out it's a split fare fee. Two of my riders tonight had to pay $2.05 rider fee or booking fee. The others paid the regular $1.55. Can anyone explain what makes the fee higher? It does not correlate with surge prices.
  3. D

    rider fee 7.80

    Hi all, New to uber. Im looking over tonight earnings and i see a rider fee of 7.80 on one fare from new orleans to kenner. I thought it was 1.95 for new orleans? Any help would be great... by the way first night not too bad 2.5 hours $75.00 take home
  4. R

    Rider Fee

    Nashville, TN - Most of the time my riders are charged a $1.45 (single rider) Rider Fee by Uber. I noticed my last pax was charged $4.45 for a single person. Was this due to an error on his part where he probably had requested a pickup of 4 people? In the past when I picked up 4 pax's, the...
  5. Joe Capola

    Are we getting RIPPED OFF by UBER'S RIDER FEE MATH????

    I noticed some very FUNNY MATH for the first time on my pay sheet. This could of been going on since day one many months ago so maybe I am just a DUMMY. Maybe I am the the last person to figure this out but if I am the first I want to share this with the rest of the drivers. This is a little...