rider complaint

  1. BkS

    Account on hold

    So some rider filed a report on me and on Christmas Eve I got deactivated while they “investigate”. I was planning on working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and they really screwed me. I had no incidents with any riders. Only thing I can think of is the group of drunk pax that requested and...
  2. RUSSREED2.0


    Over my course doing Ubee, I must say some comments are hilarious. Others, revealing. ALL in all there are truly some comments that when you go back they do make you smile. HERE ARE THE GROUND RULES! NONE! Ok post away.
  3. mbrezjr

    Confused, Upset, and angry

    Hi- I received a notice form Uber stating my driver account has now been suspended because a rider notified them I was driving while intoxicated. I know this is false because I don't drink at all. I tried to reach someone at Uber through messaging but all I received was a message stating the...
  4. Uber_duber

    Uber the company sucks from a rider's perspective

    I'm only putting this post here because I want my DC friends to know the crap I'm dealing with as a rider now. So you all know that I'm no longer a driver. I'm in Thailand and I need an Uber to go somewhere. So Uber won't or can't log me in after I changed the mobile number. I clicked on "forgot...