rider cancel

  1. F

    please educate your riders !

    lets make uber rdier great ! I do this always some days my mouth hurt ! Me :Hello "Name " welcome to my car as high rated driver ! i'm glad to give you ride! and i always pick high rated rdier !your rate is good 4,9 or 4,8 ! Rider say : so you see my rating ! i see your rate is 4,9...
  2. F

    called 2 Pax one Pool one Uber X I told them !!!

    called Ashly pool rider in 14 st NW around 2 pm Me :Hey Ashly This is uber She interrupted me ! Ashly : one minute i be right outside ! Me : No Don't ! acctuly I'm Calling as DC uber driver queen and supervisor they call me asian queen ! in Uber office ! to let you it's sad you...
  3. Rooster06

    Random Cancels

    So here's one for our more tech savvy members: Tonight I did not cancel a trip request. The only non-accepts were two pool rides. When I looked at my trip history, there was a canceled trip snuck in between my first and second rides of the night. I have noticed this happening at least once a...
  4. femaledriverproblems

    Car not moving on riders app - cancelled fares

    Hi guys. So today I had five riders consequently cancel on me when I was within 1-2 mins away. I thought it was weird but figured I would get the cancellation money and just move on. It turns out my car was not moving on the rider app at all, so they thought I was still at the location I was...
  5. FBM

    Riders: What is the nature of cancellations?

    OK all riders (and drivers too): I have a little question for y'all.. What is a typical reason riders cancel the trip. NOT drivers, I'm talking about Riders. I do know, sometimes they did not need that ride anymore or something. But, as in my other thread, I had the unique reason for rider...