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rider app

  1. Pax Collector

    Are they telling the truth?

    Both my rider apps show fellow ants many many miles away and spread out.
  2. Halfmybrain

    My "no-show" driver

    I hailed an Uber X Monday morning. Thinking as a driver, I found an empty/legal pullover spot at a Franklin St address, just north of Washington St. Text from Me: I'm on Franklin by the series of purple awnings (for Cosi Restaurant) [pauses in between texts] White RAV 4 Driver: I have...
  3. Halfmybrain

    Uber: Glitches up the wazoo

    45 days ago it was very humid. I swam in Lake Michigan. It was light out well past 7 pm. Just minutes ago RIDER SIDE Uber just got around to some simple accounting from 45 days ago? And this is a "technology company"?
  4. F

    called 2 Pax one Pool one Uber X I told them !!!

    called Ashly pool rider in 14 st NW around 2 pm Me :Hey Ashly This is uber She interrupted me ! Ashly : one minute i be right outside ! Me : No Don't ! acctuly I'm Calling as DC uber driver queen and supervisor they call me asian queen ! in Uber office ! to let you it's sad you...
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Rider app glitch takes me on a magical mystery tour to a farmhouse

    This morning, I was at the Tuggeranong Town Centre. I turned on the rider app to see how many other drivers were in the area. The rider app suggested that I was at the South African High Commission in Yarralumla near Parliament House, some significant distance from where I in fact was. I turned...
  6. Kodyhead

    For people using second phone or use rider app while driving for uber

    Have you drivers noticed that the range of how far you used to be able to receive pings drastically reduced? For example if i was on the corner of oakland park and us1, i used to see myself if i moved the pin to lets say commercial and us1 but now my car disappears. I estimate the range is now...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Much easier for riders to know their rating

    Uber is introducing a change in all places where it operates to make it much easier for riders to know their rating. The rider will now see their rating right under their name in the app's menu. Here is the relevant part of their statement (https://newsroom.uber.com/ratingsupdate/)...
  8. Jack Malarkey

    Riders can now update their pickup location

    I have received advice from Uber via the driver app that riders can now update their pickup location. This is in response to feedback. The explanation they provided is as follows: Smoother pickups Riders can now update once per trip, and only to within a few blocks of their original pickup...
  9. stelememes

    Unable to see my car in the Rider app

    RESOLVED - Greenlight hub person messed up my partner's account while trying to troubleshoot and had to resubmit everything and through the process of that got the app to work and his car to show up. My partner had signed up recently to be a driver Uber. Everything was ready to go in the...
  10. SoobieDriver

    Select ONLY now flashing as uberx also?? And vice versa..

    K what is going on? When I go online as select only (which I started doing a little less than a year ago after making peanuts on x with a car that is not exactly fuel efficient) , I notice on the rider app that uberx cars will flash up as select too then disappear if you move the pin one address...
  11. Starman@uber

    Uber Fare

    Question about Base fare. When I use the rider app, It shows a base fare of $4.65 from Burbank To Glendale. As a driver, I picked up a person from Burbank to Glendale but his fare was $2.45 -.40 uber fee, so basically I was paid $2.05 So how is it that the rider did not pay the base fare of $4.65?
  12. U

    Avoid Getting Charged For Trips You Never Took

    Many riders that use Uber have been blaming Uber for trips that they never took. Uber responded and said that there was no security breach to Uber systems. Guess what people! I’d hate to break to you, but the only person you can blame is yourself, but it’s okay! Not everyone is tech-savvy. I...
  13. B

    Ratings on driver app different from riders app

    So I have been trying to raise my 4.55 to at least 4.6. Last week, I was at 4.57 then I got a 1 and a 3 star rating and it dropped to 4.55. However, after that I got like ten 5 stars and my rating literally just climbed 0.01 to 4.56. I thought the app was slow to update but even the website was...
  14. Adbam

    Uber app gives preference to newer %25 drivers!!

    Well guys I've proven it..... The Airport in my town is geofenced. It is illegal to pick up from my airport. Today I was playing around with the rider app and I noticed that when I put the pin outside the airport there were 10 cars. When I put the pin inside the airport there were two cars. I...