ride sharing

  1. Dangdriver

    What Would You Suggest Be Included In An Uber Class?

    We are adding a "Driving for Uber" component to one of our adult school entrepreneur classes at Community Business College. Do you have any suggestions as to what topics should be included in the course syllabus? I asked the community on Quora, with the question, "What topics would you...
  2. SEAMT

    Who's Competing with Uber?

    Who's Competing with Uber? Article from CNBC, author by Uptin Saiidi Uber faces fierce competition across the globe. The controversial tech company has lost billions of dollars over the past few years amid its attempts to gain users and penetrate major markets: Last year it lost $4.5 billion...
  3. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What brand of car do you drive for ridesharing?

    Hello Community, this is a informal survey to find out what brand of car you drive? Please advise the year of your car, the model, and what reason you chose this car to do Uber/LYFT, if applicable? As well, advise how the car has performed for you while Uberring or doing LYFT i.e...
  4. UberIsNotGreat

    What if we Could Solve Current Ride-Sharing Problems with a Terminator?

    Hypothetically speaking, if Cyberdyne existed and one night a small group of us broke in and reprogrammed a T-800, what date would you send it back in time to kill Travis? Also, would the purpose of the mission be to make sure Uber never exists in a last ditch effort to save humanity or would...
  5. O

    Multiple Stops During a ride?? Here is the proposal to Uber!

    Hi, After so many many rides i realized now that many riders take extra advantage during a ride and they stop during the trip for one reason or other. Some riders during ride stop at convenience store to get something some for coffee etc. I have had many incident that a rider stops at multiple...
  6. K

    Pamphlet to hand out to pax re Tips

    Hi All, I have put together a brieflet that fits on a 3" x 2.5" card. The contents are below. The format got messed up when I copied and pasted. I plan on handing these cards out to all pax on non-surge trips. Uber can't complain about telling the pax the truth. The numbers don't lie...