1. SirNomad

    Orlando UBEReats only 7.5 hours RESULTS

    Wow, I am making so much money! I can't wait to pick out a tent so I can live the life of luxury in the woods behind Wal-Mart! Seriously, $10 an hour not counting wear and tear and mileage to the restaurants. Uber has become the scum of the Earth.
  2. Vishnu643

    Little people in big cars!

    Why is it yhth every time I see a suburban, Tahoe, an Armada or even a pilot tlc driver, their always small in stature people and the rest of us big guys are driving sedans. I know they can't see well because they nearly sideswipe you every time. What kind of dumb appeal is thrre to sit in a...
  3. Alexander200177

    Calling for uber's and all ridesharing drivers to strike . Ride-sharing drivers in NYC Reveluation

    Don't be fooled You're the boss I hope all Uber drivers and other ride-sharing drivers in NYC unitize To get our Rights back Uber , Lyft, Juno, .....etc. the only ones who makes money By riping off the hard working driver With no mercy by 1. Changing the prices without...
  4. circle1

    The AP bans the term "ride-sharing" for Uber & Lyft [we're "ride-hailing" now]

    [This is a little old, but . . . ] January 14, 2015 "Companies like Uber and Lyft have often referred to their services as "ride-sharing." But that's not an accurate term. The Associated Press now agrees, and has banned the word for Uber-like services in its widely-used style guide. The better...