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ride request

  1. AllenChicago

    See The Destination Before Accepting The Ride...Is Returning To Lyft.

    December 4, 2018 According to a Lyft e-mail today, this feature is making a comeback. FINALLY! The only catch is that your Acceptance Rate must be 90% or better. Copy/Paste from the E-mail: "Coming soon: Preview your destination before tapping Accept. As long as your acceptance rate stays...
  2. Zoran Polic

    Making a Ride Request

    So, on Saturday I needed a ride... a short one, just couple of miles down Glenwood from a mechanic shop to McDonalds at the intersection with Millbrook... and I couldn't make a ride request. I started my rider app (not my driver app) and put in my destination and pick up point, confirmed UberX...
  3. ZippyDude

    How many far away Ride request did you get during the Snow??

    I live and tend to work the Westside of Cleveland and was getting a TON of ride requests 30-40-50 minutes away last Thursday. Yes the snow kept drivers away but holy cow, did I keep getting stupid far requests!!! The tough part of the Lyft and Uber apps is that they don't know what affect...
  4. AllenChicago

    It Seems LYFT Has Many Ways to Punish Us.

    April 24, 2016 After ignoring 6 ping requests from long-distance* requestor "Juliet" on Thursday at Noon, I only received 1 ride during the next 8 hours in driver-mode. After about 3 hours of waiting for the next Ping Thursday.. I began to think that perhaps I was experiencing a Lyft...
  5. afrojoe824

    Uber ping while offline

    Anyone else getting pings while you're offline from the partner app? I was driving lyft this morning and I got like 4 Pings from the Partner app. I wasn't even online. Makes me wonder if uber if deliberately doing this to bring my acceptance down so they could deactivate me since i'm a 20%'er...
  6. Suzanne Palacios

    Ride from UConn (Storrs)

    Looking for someone to drive me to either Providence, RI or Boston Logan on Sunday (12/20) at approx. 12pm. A ride all the way to Boston would be preferable, but I don't mind going to Providence instead (there's a train into Boston I can take.) If you can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it!