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ride from hell

  1. IR12

    Wish I could drive like her

  2. afrojoe824

    Lyft ride from Hell..

    Got my car serviced yesterday at the dealers. Went to my dentist appointment while the car was being serviced. Wait for the free shuttle for 2 hours and it never came. Ordered a Lyft instead and started the Lyft Ride from hell. Driver picked me up. should've seen the signs and cancelled the...
  3. afrojoe824

    Uber Pax from Hell

    I've seen so many threads here about riders and their pax from hell. I should've known better in this situation. Picked up pax from some Hotel in Beverly Hills. I'm thinking "great this will be an airport run." She then tells me to stop by Saks 5th Avenue. Makes me wait 25 friggin minutes for...