1. Keeks804

    PROS & CONS of Lyft in Richmond, VA from a Female Driver

    So I’ve decided to post this review because I often get tons of questions from passengers and realized, during my own research, that there isn’t too much advice out there on the Richmond market. A little about myself...I’m a female in my early 20’s and drive for Lyft maybe 2-3 nights/week. I...
  2. N

    Need a screenshot for uber $300 referral code

    Hello, I need help. I started doing UberEats driving in May 2018 with a referral code from a friend. It was $300 for the referrer and $375 difference of earning for me. We both saw this promotion and I finished 50 deliveries. However, uber is refusing to put up the deal on their end. They keep...
  3. Transporter RVA

    RVA TRAFFIC ADVISORY FOR SATURDAY 11 NOV 2017 - Richmond Marathon

    Hello RVA! TRAFFIC ADVISORY FOR RIDESHARE AND OTHER DRIVERS. Watch out downtown and elsewhere! Numerous street closings beginning very early. Saturday, November 11 7 a.m. 8k start 7:30 a.m. Half Marathon start 7:45 a.m. Marathon start 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Co-Star Post Race Party at Finish Line...
  4. NoNameNoGame

    Richmond (RIC) Airport Info Update

    Richmond International Airport (RIC) posted a new info update for TNC operators: Notice to TNC Partners with Uber or Lyft:
  5. L

    Health Exam

    Hello, can anyone tell me what the requirements are for the health exam. What form do I need? Thank you.
  6. Me_and_T_in_02

    For the drivers of RICHMOND, VIRGINIA!!!

    I need to address this tipping issue, as I've been learning a LOT over the past several months...several very important issues I've learned from RIDERS!! First of all, I've put a little sign up on the back of my passenger seat stating exactly this; "ALTHOUGH TIPPING IS NOT EXPECTED, IT IS...
  7. QLDUberDriver

    Uber Drivers doing dumb stuff!

    Not surprised with this and I would have expected that more up here in Brisbane. I hope they start handing in dash cam video of the driving of more dangerous tactics some drivers are doing. One clown last Sat in Little Stanley St did a u-turn in front of moving traffic in the T intersection to...
  8. NoNameNoGame

    Is the "Good & Plenty" Plate the Next Virginia Requirement?

    Any time the General Assembly is in session, citizens beware!
  9. NoNameNoGame

    Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job

    Via NBC12: Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job
  10. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver says hit-and-run injured passengers near VCU, cost him job "My electricity is going to be shut off. My water is going to be shut off," said Buckley.
  11. E

    Interested doing Uber Black in Washington D.C

    Hi, I have been driving part time for UberX for the past week and I have made 70 trips in Richmond. I own a black Audi A4 2012 and I read somewhere that my vehicle qualifies for UberBlack but since Richmond don't offer it, I can only do UberX. I am able to keep my UberX for Richmond and get...
  12. erkaxderka

    Do not pick her up

    So I began driving about 5 months ago. It's just something I do part time, but for the most part I haven'thad any major issues. Last week, however, I had to give a rider a 1 star for the first time. I have never given a rider anything other than 5 stars. A night early in the week, I was giving...
  13. NoNameNoGame

    'It's killing us': Richmond taxi drivers on driving a cab in the age of Lyft and Uber

    From today's Richmond Times-Dispatch: 'It's killing us': Richmond taxi drivers on driving a cab in the age of Lyft and Uber At the Richmond International Airport, passengers leave the terminal with their faces...
  14. NoNameNoGame

    'He was trying to kill me' Uber driver attacked on I-95

    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Rene Sanchez has been an Uber driver for eight months in Richmond, but he is now looking for a new career path after he was attacked inside his car driving on Interstate 95 in Chesterfield. Sanchez said the trouble began when he picked up two passengers at District 5...
  15. NoNameNoGame

    "How To" Page for Richmond Int'l Airport

    Airport ground transportation was "kind enough" to remind me of this how-to page provided by Uber for operating at RIC. Has anyone else found it helpful? "Airports: Richmond International Airport" For additional reference, given the fact that there are...
  16. B

    Lost Items

    Hey everyone, So I'm really new to UBER and how all of this works.. Late Sunday night a friend of mine called for an UBER pick-up using her account. The ride was great and on-time. But I seem to have made the great mistake of leaving my phone and keys in the driver's car. Is there any chance...
  17. NoNameNoGame

    Dateline Richmond: State Sen. Martin adds new job as Uber driver

    Sen. Stephen H. Martin, R-Chesterfield - whose GOP primary defeat in June means he'll leave the part-time 11th District Senate seat he has held since 1994 - has found a new part-time job in the "gig" economy with a lot of traction: Driving for Uber. State Sen. Martin adds new job as Uber driver...