1. T

    Second billionaire in my car this year.

    for second time this year got Billionaire in my car
  2. Pax Collector

    Splurging after instant pay

    Who says rideshare drivers don't get paid enough?
  3. Lissetti

    Martha Stewart took her first Uber ride — and hated it

    Hell Hath No Fury Like Martha Stewart in the Back of a Dirty Uber Martha Stewart experienced her first Uber ride this morning and, honey, it was not "a good thing." Martha, a stalwart on Comedy Central Roasts, has never shied away from making her opinions known. After all, who could forget...
  4. upskid66

    Need Advice Rich Dont Tip

    So I need some advice. I got a delivery the other day to a muti million dollar home. I get that some people dont tip, say they forgot, cheap, etc. But I get to the door, hand him his food and I say to him "Beautiful House" he replies "Yea" then proceeds to close the door. I'm sure he gets this...
  5. oZo61

    High society/low tippers

    I've worked as a cabbie years ago, and I know working class people generally tip better than wealthy ones. At least in the livery field. But I was peeved Saturday night when I picked up a group of drunk, obnoxious folk from The Oakwood Club on Far Hills. I was immediately informed by drunk guy 1...
  6. burgerflipper

    Ready to make $$$

    Hey guys!!! I'm coming to Orlando!!! All my friends tell me Uber drivers make good money... It doesn't matter if you're in SF, NYC, or Orlando, you'll be reeling in the dough!!! I'm going to buy a car and get started right away!!! In a few years I'll totally have saved up enough money to go...
  7. Annunaki

    I'm making about $2,000 a week. Am I in danger ?

    HI guys , I've been making a gross of about $1900 to $2100 a week for close to a month and a half now with uber. 2 of my colleagues who drive uber have told me that I should slow down , bcoz I'll be a red flag in the eyes of the CRA and they might come hard on me later on. So why would I be...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Country singer Rich O'Toole sues Uber for crash Houston country songwriter and singer Rich O'Toole, who was seriously injured in a crash while taking an Uber in Amarillo, has sued Uber and its driver for negligence after the car in...
  9. SideHustleGig

    Why I love driving WITH Uber, how about U?

    Life so hard when Some PAX can't stop flow of diarrhea from mouths for like even 10 mins and ask my favorite thing about driving Ubers. What is yours? Here's some of mine. 1. I'm sadomasochistic so no need to tip, I'll take care of that after I drop you off. 2. They don't drug test. I'm...
  10. D Town

    Majority of pax make at least 100K...but lets slash rates and discourage tipping...

    "Pew found that 41% of Americans with annual household income of $100,000 or more have used at least four of the 11 services in the categories like ride-hailing, home-sharing, and crowdsourcing startup projects and products through services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. This is three times as...
  11. WeirdBob

    UMich ‘extremely disappointed’ by student who abused Uber driver
  12. afrojoe824

    Figured out how to make $100k a year on UberX

    Figured out how to earn "up to" $100k a year on UberX platform. After carefully studying Optimus Uber strategy and patterns, the silent lurker/apprentice is now ready to take the throne. Optimus has proven he made over $100k. Just watch this Uber X'er make that much as well. How you guys may...