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  1. Ricardo Resolute

    Rhode Island DOT begins testing SDC technology

    https://www.roadsbridges.com/node/25154 1550787896 Watch a Self-Driving Car Obey Police Hand Signals https://futurism.com/self-driving-car-obey-police-hand-signals 1550788007 No driver, no problem? Driverless shuttles coming to Lake Nona...
  2. U

    New to UberEats

    Hey guys, I'm new to the whole Ubereats and I live in a city about 10 or 15 minutes away from Rhode Island. Was just wondering; what are the best spots to do ubereats on a bike and get a lot of deliveries? I don't seem to be getting any where I live, maybe due to the fact that this place is...
  3. RickC137

    Providence Greenlight Hub

    Is it still open? Google site says "closed permanently". Haven't driven in a few months. Had to update my vehicle info and now need an "inspection".
  4. The Uber Boomer

    Can a RI driver change to Boston Hub and still drive RI?

    I read that Boston drivers can drive in Rhode Island, Mass, Vermont, and Maine. As a RI driver can I do that? Change to a Boston driver? If yes, how do I do that? I live in RI, which is a very small state. I'd really like to expand a little. Thanks for your comments
  5. smoran26

    Slow Start to Week in RI - Strategies for November

    It's been a real grind so far in November. Getting a lot less frequent pings and fewer long trips. Earnings are down about 15% so far. Lots of drivers say November isn't good. So, what do we do to adjust? What are your strategies for getting by during the slow period of winter?
  6. smoran26


    Today was my first drop off in Newport. I had a rider go down to Richmond and the next request took me into Newport. The bridge delay wasn't as bad as I thought, but it was rush hour and coming back out was a pain. I got no requests so took the $4 hit on the chin and dead miled it back up...
  7. smoran26

    Anyone driving RI/Providence for Halloween

    I'm plotting the shifts I'll work for Halloween and planning the locations I'll hit. Obviously there will be some party goers in Providence tonight. Wondering if there will be any surge? Anyone have the latest on weather tomorrow and thoughts on how it might impact demand/drivers on the road...
  8. smoran26

    What Percent of RI Drivers are on this Forum

    I've learned a lot from these forums, but the advice only goes so far. A lot of times I get the 'I don't want to share X secret for fear the hordes will copy me' I guess that's valid in some respect. However, I don't see almost anyone on this board. And with only 110,000 total members on the...
  9. smoran26

    Surge in Woonsocket, Best Ride To Date

    i caught a 2.4 surge from Highland Corporate Park in Woonsocket/Cumberland. Pax was going to Boston. Definitely my best ride to date. Question- how rare is it to catch 2.4 surge and this good of a ride? This was my first $200 day and it took catching surge out of Woonsocket 3 times. Is it...
  10. Mendez84

    Is Providence now a small market for so many drivers Lyft and Uber?!

    is me or Providence is starting to be a small market for Lyft and Uber , today Providence was like full of drivers waiting for a ride , even the Airport was like that too... i guess Boston it is :)
  11. smoran26

    Where are the good spots in RI

    Where are good spots in RI? I've heard a lot of conflicting info from drivers (that convinced me to give ridesharing a try). I've heard Brown and Bryant in the morning are decent. How about Providence on Friday and Saturday night? worth it or just drive up to Boston? I'm just looking to...
  12. Maven

    Rhode Island Attorney General Wants Uber, Lyft, Taxi Drivers Fingerprinted

    Attorney General Wants Uber, Lyft Drivers Fingerprinted Rhode Island's attorney general wants to start fingerprinting Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as traditional taxi cab drivers. USNews | March 5, 2017, at 12:42 p.m. By MATT O'BRIEN, Associated Press PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Rhode Island's...
  13. Maven

    New Background Checks

    As of April 3rd, no rideshare driver may pickup in Massachusetts until they have passed the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, which is more stringent than Uber's background check, but does not require fingerprinting. This also applies to drivers in adjacent states...
  14. Retired Senior

    UBER - as seen in the NEW YORK TIMES and other N.E. USA newspapers

    Good Morning... (Good God! It is 5:AM Sunday... decades ago I would be going to sleep about now... These days I am just waking up and squinting at the PC while sucking down some "Wake Me Up" tea.) It has become obvious to me over the last 3 months that the UBER experience on the West Coast, as...
  15. slabo101

    driver needed

    I'm looking for a legal uber driver with some experience, a blue card and a clean driving record to drive my vehicle occasionally on days when I have a scheduling conflict.
  16. Deedee2daxtreme


    Hello, Please join Rhode Island Uber Drivers facebook group and our Zello channel. We use Facebook & most importantly to abide by the no texting while driving laws, we use Zello, a walkie takie app, to network with fellow RI Uber Drivers while we are out on the road to help with surges...