1. L

    Drunk Revenge. Oh Fun

    I picked up these 3 drink guys, ages 21-23 (they told me) ... conversation was lively, laughing, and quick... dropped them off from Aria to MGM then got this. (With 1 star) Before being in my car they all had beers and red cups half full of liquor, I told them to drink it or pour it...
  2. Halfmybrain

    Haha I got you, Estate cheapskate!

    I had a trip request to Estate Ultra Bar. It was at 1.5 or 1.3x. I was very close. A few blocks shy and I got a cancelation. I parked not far away, expecting other business from there soon--there was a crowd outside. A couple minutes go by and here comes a request--base rate, same first name...
  3. B

    Deactivated for Not Stopping @ Starbucks

    So my first ride of the morning around 630am and it's a 9 minute scheduled pickup. I get there and she's out in a minute, very appreciative that I was around and for driving her to work. 5 seconds in.... "Can you stop at Starbucks on the way there?" After explaining that we don't really get...
  4. UberPotomac

    Pro Uber Driver revenge.

  5. FAC

    How I got my revenge on my paxs

    last night I drove both Lyft and Uber. My Lyft paxs were awesome. The two uber pax sucked. First time since I started driving have I experienced pax that sucked (other the the drunk Chicago guys). First uber pax was airport pickup. Was already at airport dropping off Lyft pax. Got out of car...
  6. M

    Any suggestions for my last week

    I'm moving on. After 8 years in this business - owning a town car, driving a Discount Cab and finally lowering myself to driving for Uber I'm out. Next Monday I start my new sales job and will never come back to this. My rating is a pretty solid 4.83 as of today so I have a little wiggle room...