1. UberLyftFlexWhatever

    The New 50s: Far From Retirement

    In a new book, “Wisdom at Work,” Mr. Conley writes that everyone working past middle age today needs to become a modern elder, simultaneously sharing wisdom while embracing fresh ideas and ways of thinking. Some did their homework and went back to school for jobs where there are known shortages...
  2. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    How many Drivers have a real job and are doing Uber part time? At Retirement you will be homeless!

    If you are doing this full or part time you will miss out on the benefits of social security and/or a pension. I am retired and am collecting $3,200 a month on social security plus a pension. Its better to get 2 part time real jobs than only one real job and uber.. if you do not pay into social...
  3. Madison Alder

    Do you use Betterment to save for retirement?

    Hey drivers! My name is Madison Alder and I'm a reporter with Bloomberg BNA in Washington. It's been about a year since Uber and Betterment announced their collaboration, and I want to know if you're using it to help you save for retirement. If so, how's it going? If not, are there better...
  4. Madison Alder

    What do you do for medical coverage? Retirement?

    Hello there, My name is Madison Alder and I'm a reporter with Bloomberg BNA in Washington. I'm working on a couple of stories about how workers in your industry -- "the gig economy" -- gets benefits, and I need your voices. What do you currently do for medical coverage? How could an Obamacare...
  5. Cielovegas

    Uber Retirement Plan? Wow, how about raising driver rates?
  6. U


    What will do do post Uber retirement. Like many, if regulations do stick, many of us will be out of Uber driving. We have dedicated much of our free time to working and earning extra income since joining Uber. What do you look forward to post-Uber? What do you not look forward to? Also, most...
  7. MrsUberJax

    Vehicle attrition and retirement.

    Can someone repost a link to this years Uber Vehicle Attrition Table? Changes to acceptable vehicles per platform per vehicle year. Thank you. I saw it earlier this month and I know it has a February Effective date, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks guys! Mrs Uber Jax
  8. Montana

    Retirement of 2005 vehicles in PA

    These @@@@ing Uber @@@@@@@@ are forcing me to to shop for a newer car . The thing is that there are cities that the required year is 2000 but in PA is 2005 what a bunch of bullshit .. I drive a Pilot and is in immaculate condition I get nothing but wonderful reviews about my suv from riders ...