1. U

    UberEATS (driver retention and growth)

    Hi all, I am new to this forum. I have been observing how in my city (Amsterdam) there seems to be more and more food delivery companies, which ultimately inspired a University project. What I am working on is how UberEATS set up its operations and if the current model is still viable. Hence...
  2. Kimberleigh Haynes

    Retention of Pay Policy RSA

    Has anyone ever heard of this? I have asked Uber over and over what this is because for the last two consecutive weekends, $50.60 has been taken from my earnings. yesterday I worked 7 hours and when I was ready to push the instant pay button, it said that my total payout would be $11.12! Has...
  3. UberedOutInHouston

    If Uber reduced ads and fees they could retain drivers and we'd all make more moey

    On Monster alone there has to be at least a 100 ads for Uber Now Hiring every day. That alone could be reduced and they could then reduce all of our Uber fees and maybe we could make a buck. This in turn would reduce turnover, adding drivers to the streets. Just a thought.