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  1. johnydynamic

    Slowest nights ever since stopped doing pool rides: Coincidence, Retaliation, or Paranoia?

    I mainly drive Pleasanton/Livermore/Dublin on weekend nights. Usually there’s enough activity to keep me pretty busy. Last weekend I decided to stop taking pool rides and had a pretty good weekend. This weekend is a very different story. Last night was my slowest night in two and a half years...
  2. C

    Burning curiosity about failed shuffle confrontations

    So I had no idea what the term "shuffle" referred to exactly when I first came here a few months ago. A fair bit of lurking later I now know what is meant by it. I had been on the receiving end of it many times before however. It's not unique to rideshare. Just today, coming home from my Web...
  3. UberxGTA

    Google attacking uber in Tech War.

    During the past month or two there has been a dramatic increase in the uber partner app crashing. It would simply stop working at the most inconvenient times, such as at trip request time or near end of trip. Sometimes it crashes more than once on a trip. I'm beginning to think that Alphabet...
  4. Phasmatrope

    Concerns about qualifying for the Lyft class action lawsuit payment?

    Hey, as many of you may be aware-- specifically, Lyft drivers who gave rides between 5/25/12 and 7/1/16-- there is an ongoing class action lawsuit about the drivers being classified as independent contractors (personally, I don't see how we wouldn't be, since we don't have set hours/aren't...
  5. Edman

    Giving low rating stars to passenger-Could it affect your ratings, due to retaliation?

    Could the passengers see which drivers gave them low rating stars? I'm trying to avoid retaliation here. But they do deserve 3 stars.
  6. UberXking

    Today marks the 36th day of my background check that is still in progress

    Well I estimated that Uber would take till after the super bowl to get my background check done. The waitlisting began on 1/18. Figured I'd be out 3 weeks and wondered how Uber expected drivers to be able to absorb the reality of having no income for nearly a month. Now it's Feb. 23rd and...
  7. OrlUberOffDriver

    Have you received "Account at Risk" warning after Opting Out of Binding Arbitration?

    original post has been moved to: https://uberpeople.net/threads/have-you-received-account-at-risk-warning-after-opting-out-of-binding-arbitration.50253/
  8. Pablo750

    After a pax complaint I don't get as many rides as usual

    I do Uber full time and usually is always a steady business but after a customer put a complaint on me I got my worst two days working the usual location the same time. Do you think Uber punsih the driver this way? Or is just coincidence?