1. Waqar

    FHV Driver useful stuff

    Taxi/fhv Relief stands Police precincts of NY Red light + speed cameras...
  2. TedInTampa

    Tampa airport, how I hate thee.

    When I started over a year ago, drivers were in the queue anywhere on airport property. I parked in 1 free hour short term parking, used the airport restrooms, sometimes ate in the airport Wendy's. Then they required us to be in the cell phone waiting had restrooms like an interstate...
  3. Antonio Knight

    UPDATE: Bathrooms In Town

    Hey guys, I went back and searched the forum for some spots but there wasn't that many spots people listed mainly because people commenting on those threads had just started Ubering. I work downtown so its easy for me to come in to the building and use the cafeteria and the bathroom but when i...
  4. RotateSpeed

    Driver penalized for bathroom break

    Uber deactivated my stop new rides feature. Because I use the bathroom too much. They told me to let my acceptance rate plummet. The screen caps of the corespondance are in the YouTube vid. Am I overreacting? I can't afford to drive if I lose the pdp (subsidy) due to low acceptance rate every...
  5. SibeRescueBrian

    When Ya Gotta Go

    It looks like nobody has discussed this topic here in the NJ sub-forum, but it's kind of important, especially for those of us who spend long hours behind the wheel. Obviously, we all know about the fast food restrooms, but they're really not a reliable option. Many of them are absolutely filthy...