1. OC Lady Uber Driver

    No Poo for You!

    I was camping at the airport last night because it's a guaranteed ride, right? But it was a brutal wait. And after the first ride, I went and got dinner and headed back to the queue for another ride. Well, 90 minutes later, I have to go to the restroom and I'm gathering up my belongings to go...
  2. Showa50

    Aww Uber cares about my colon and blatter...

    ... Wish they cared just as much about my bank account and car. I can now poop with less pressure at LAX.
  3. LA Cabbie

    At lax and desperate for a clean restroom?

    Go to the taxicab holding lot on alverstone right off of Jenny. The runway the planes land on is exactly next to the holding lot and the police station is close by. When I was in that area and not driving taxi but needed the restroom, I would go there. Nobody would say anything. The restrooms...
  4. SHARK

    Restrooms ?

    Hey Everyone. I'm new to the post been driving for uber for over a year on a part time basis. If driving longer than couple hours had the problem while driving finding restrooms on the go. Not all gas stations, 7/11 have it or are avail ale for customers. How do you deal with it ?