1. T

    1852mm width Mercedes E class 2017 plate..

    Hello friends, How do I drive my Mercedes Benz E class 2017 Plate 1852 mm width through those width restrictions roads/bridges around London? I am very scared when I drive through width restriction roads/bridges with customers not to scratch my allow wheels or my sides. Is any one else having...
  2. Showa50

    Uber can you stop filtering and restricting my pings.

    I know this happens because other drivers have complained about it also. No true evidence, but we're not stupid Uber. When a ping comes in and it instantly gets cancelled, which also happens to be conveniently going the direction your DF is set. Uber is playing games When over the past 2 weeks...
  3. Riders Champion


    In case you find yourself in a moral dilemma, remember this: "NSW law says consent is not possible while a person is substantially intoxicated." Read more at
  4. Lyft_94110

    Traffic changes plaguing SF drivers

    It was gridlock last week in the Financial District and Union Square areas during the afternoon and long into the evening. The explanation is here: In summary, drivers going toward the Bay Bridge...