1. MHR

    A Covid Death Renews Questions of Uber & Lyft’s Responsibilty To Drivers

    Ride-share drivers say the pandemic has them facing dangerous working condition as they try to make ends meet By JOSHUA EMERSON SMITH JULY 24, 2020 6 AM Chuck Beckner begged his 71-year-old mother not to drive for Uber and Lyft during the pandemic. She didn’t listen. Then COVID-19 took...
  2. Karl Marx

    Mark Zuckerberg Says He’s Not Resigning, I recall Travis said the same thing.
  3. F

    Very Sad Story !

    Hey Sarah Today 5 pm Tyson corrner ! picked up Girl her name was Sarah! she is mid 30 ! with boyfriend or husband ! both white beautiful Sarah ! I feel bad for the live you in ! You should not accept man treat you like that ! i really feel bad you made Rent by the phone ! and paying for...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Could your next cab, Uber, or Lyft be unsafe?

    In Seattle on average, with 1 in just over 2.5 having at least one outstanding recall. -Uber made motion to block this information- "The lawyer in me thinks, 'Wow, how would I defend an accident...