1. Halfmybrain

    "Find yourself another Uber."

    I crossed half the town to pick the business man up from Jewel. He had a satchel and a large bunch of flowers covered with celophane. Knowing that filler flowers (baby's breath) can "shed," I hopped out to raise the hatchback. "I'd rather hold on to these, there's water." "Okay, that's fine...
  2. Maven


    Got a living Dad? When was the last time that you saw him or even called him when is was not his birthday, Father's Day or some other holiday? If your lucky enough to have mom around too then who get the most attention? Bet it's mom. Some excuses are Moms are more communicative or "needy"...
  3. X

    Tlc tipping

    Hello guys how is things, So I see lots of posts here come here ever so often . So I see all the talks about issues and complains and that is cool and stuff I have my set of story's to tell, but I did not make the popcorn :) sorry guys /girls. I see issues with idg and I also can say I do...
  4. Edman

    When is JUNO Coming to Atlanta?

    Any new information on JUNO coming to Atlanta? Will it happen this year? I can't wait, sounds so much better than UBER treatment towards the drivers.
  5. Rocanlover

    Driving for FREE now....... LITERALLY!

    C'mon Uber, I know deep down inside this is what you really want us working for......but can you spare a nickel? Yes, we are #DESPERATE
  6. Django81

    National Turn you UBER app OFF

    May 17th , 2016 - Turn your uber app off and don't work for them on that day - it's a Tuesday and hopefully can send a message to Uber to act right. Treat us with dignity ...
  7. I hate corporate greed

    I just don't understand...

    ...Why is it that Uber has to keep cutting our wages and surging less and less?? Why Uber? Stand up and tell us please. What is the reasoning behind it? You don't have enough money? You want low life's driving for you instead of professional and or mature adults who have quality work ethic...
  8. UberVolt

    Bravo Lyft! For encouraging Riders to Tip! Doing it right, Bravo Lyft!
  9. evannacooper

    28, single mom of 2 here to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, don't let the disrespect define you.

    So yeah, single mom. I work nights exclusively but slowly adding in hours in the afternoon now that my sister is able to watch the kids for me. I don't like to talk about my looks....but I was brought up to look my best no matter what it is I do. That being said I still dress modestly, I'm not...
  10. txtim1982

    State of the Union

    Did anyone hear the President's State of the Union address? One of his lines said "It is no secret that a company that treats its employees well is good for long term business." I'm willing to bet the Uber higher-ups disregarded that as nonsense.