1. Mad1487

    Please help us

    We are from Germany and we writing a scientific paper and need your experiences as a professional driver! What do you think about the corona measures from Uber? Did you get masks or something else to protect yourself? Did you know someone or did you get the Corona sickpays and what do you get...
  2. A

    Uber research

    Hello, I'm an anthropology student at UCL. I'm currently writing my dissertation on Uber. I'm trying to investigate the role of the algorithm in shaping the driver's behavior. What could ensure more freedom of decision making? What are the rights that Uber should ensure to its drivers? Does...
  3. GMU_Research

    Drivers needed for participation in paid research

    Researchers in the Department of Psychology at George Mason University (Fairfax campus) are conducting a study on the experience of drivers in the ride-sharing industry: In this study, you will be asked to operate a driving simulator, interact with passengers, and complete survey questions...
  4. W

    Uber will not pay rides over $100 for 48 Hrs!!!

    I'm absolutely going to explode with frustration over this development!! I took a ride last nite that was listed as 45+ minutes that turned out to be 135 miles. I called right after the ride because my fare was adjusted off. I called support and they said it takes a few hours to be posted...
  5. EUResearchProjectPs2share

    European Union Research Project: 10-15 min survey ($10 Amazon Voucher)

    The European Union Horizon 2020 Research Project Ps2share ( is conducting research into the experience of providers in the sharing economy. This will help to formulate policy recommendations for shaping a fairer sharing economy. As such, we would appreciate if Uber Drivers...
  6. E

    Take part in research and receive $10 each month

    Hello all, My name is Edward and I work for Streetbees, a research company operating out of London in the UK. Currently, we are conducting research on the incomes of Uber drivers around the world, and how they differ month to month. This is to help us gain a clearer view of how good living...
  7. uberebu

    Be Careful: Opinion Research: Phishing Scam?

    I believe that this email I received this evening is a Phishing scam to gain access to our driver accounts. Not sure, but not taking a chance for just $10. Hope I am wrong, but here is the info... Earn $10 in 10 minutes for your opinions on transportation. Opinion Research...
  8. Vegas E

    Research Indicates Uber / Lyft are Far Safer Than Taxicabs in Las Vegas

    This analysis compares and contrast all available verified news reports of incidents of serious threats to public safety involving taxicabs and / or Technology Network Company (TNC) vehicles in the State of Nevada from November 2015 to May 2017. Incidents reported in Nevada...
  9. Barbj379

    Earn $20 for sharing your income statements

    Not sure if this is legit, but guess I'll be the guinea pig. Has anybody had success with something like this before? Must be a driver for companies other than Uber (e.g., Lyft, Via, or Juno). I simply went to this website and uploaded my non-Uber pay stubs from November/December, 2016...
  10. RedoBeach

    Fake Uber Vehicle Operator Job Scam

    It appears Uber has found a new way to take advantage of drivers and get free labor simultaneously. "The writer with the username “ryab012' starts off by warning others against wasting their time applying for an Uber ATC job. 'I believe the UBER ATC is disguising research as fake job...
  11. thorshammer44

    UCLA Grad Project on Lyft/Uber

    Hey Everyone, I'm working on a research report on market impact Uber and Lyft have here in Los Angeles in Orange County (socal market). One of the ways this forum can help me out is gathering data on their promotions, and incentives they release to different cohorts of drivers. I'm currently on...
  12. B

    Looking for Uber Drivers for Upcoming Research Study

    20|20, a market research company located in Nashville, is looking for Uber drivers between the ages of 25-64 years to participate in an in-person group discussion. This research study will be taking place on Thursday, September 8th, and will pay $150 for your participation. If you are...
  13. drcuber

    The work lives of uber drivers

    Hi, all, I'm working on a research project about the lives of uber drivers and what work looks like in "the sharing economy", from the drivers' perspective. The project is affiliated with Professors in George Washington University in DC and the City University of New York. We're interested in...
  14. D

    Paid Research Group Birmingham

    Looking for Uber drivers to come along to a paid research group on Thursday 21st April at 2.30pm in Birmingham. £75 for 1h45m discussion group. Anyone interested please call me on 0207 407 2546. Thanks, David
  15. D

    Paid Research Group

    Looking for Uber drivers to come to a paid research group on Weds 20th April in Central London - Oxford Circus way. £75 cash for 1h45m. Anyone free and interested can get me on this forum. Spaces limited. Cheers, David
  16. UPenn_researcher

    Research on the "on-demand" economy

    Hello Philly Uber drivers, I'm a PhD student at Penn. I'm currently doing interviews for my dissertation research with people who work in the "on-demand" or "gig" economy about your experiences working. The interview is confidential and you get $20 compensation for participating. It takes just...
  17. L

    Fight for your rights: Research on the issues encountered by Uber drivers

    Hi All! I am researching on Uber Terms&Conditions, policies, etc. to understand if they are transparent and if they creates issues from a driver's perspective. Therefore, I would be very grateful to know from you guys: 1. Is there anything in the Terms, policies that you don't like/would like...
  18. R

    Contacting Drivers for Survey

    Hey everyone, I'm Rob, a university student in Worcester MA, who's trying to conduct research that'd require a survey of Uber driver opinions. I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how best to conduct this. I was planning on posting something here on the forums, but maybe there's a...
  19. chi1cabby

    The Future of Work: For Uber Drivers, Data Is the Boss

    The Future of Work: For Uber Drivers, Data Is the Boss By ALEX ROSENBLAT SEP 10, 2015