1. paulbernard

    Can I go offline while I have passengers?

    Sometimes when I'm completing what I hope will be my last trip of the day, I'll receive a request. If I go offline while I have passengers on board, will that screw up the trip in progress? I don't like to decline requests, but there are times when I'm ready to call it quits. Thanks for any reply.
  2. ZenUber

    If I reject all rides, will I get deactivated?

    I’m rejecting an awful lot of rides. While my life is much more peaceful, I’m wondering just how far I can take it before they let me go.
  3. Initial D

    Question about "Drive to Airport - You will get a request on the way" (Lyft)

    Whenever I'm at SFO or the Oakland Airport, I always get the message to drive to the airport for a ride from Lyft after I'm really close to the top of the queue. I was wondering, is the queue still moving while this message is up? I usually wait on Lyft and get a request for Uber, so I can tell...
  4. U

    Uber’s request Algorithms

    I’ve been lurking reading through these forums and something happened to me more than a few times with Uber and receiving requests. There has been such slow days lately and I found something weird with the requests. I literally would be sitting for thirty minutes or more in a spot waiting for...
  5. Gordon5cc

    Uber Eats Bicycle NO Requests

    Is there anyone else in Melbourne getting 2-0 requests in a 4 hour time-span? I don't know what's going on its the busiest time of the week and it always has been! The only thing I can think of is that I just swapped to Boost mobile, since then I've been getting this message come up saying "do...
  6. Gone_in_60_seconds

    No pax requests from 6 am to 7 am

    Anyone experience no pax requests from 6 am to 7 am? - Pax told me her app could not go online with uber earlier (App could not find any driver). - How often does the Uber App experience these types of technical difficulties? o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  7. rdhall3637

    Specific Rider/Driver Request Tips

    Just looking for any tips, tricks, advice or basic knowledge around ways for a PAX to request a specific driver. Obviously I'm aware that Uber selects the "closest" driver, so the idea is to either be very close to the PAX or in the same car. I read a tip yesterday that said to have the PAX...
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Stacked pings on LYFT?

    Hello Lyft Drivers, Just wondering if anyone has received stacked pings on LYFT (This does NOT include LYFT Line)? Stacked pings are when you receive a second consecutive request before you completed the first request and have dropped the passengers off. I have never received any stacked...
  9. Mal&me

    XL or Select??

    If you were to upgrade from X, will you get a car the can do Select or a minivan to do XL? Its a legit question from an XL driver from Puerto Rico with 3500 rides in 8 months who is about to get a car and knows no one here that can advise him properly. I know some vehicles can do both, but the...
  10. Maven

    Best Places & Times to Drive & Find Surges

    This is general advice that may be useful in most locations. Please start or join existing threads in your home city forum (not here) to share your experiences with your fellow drivers and they in turn may help you. Have you seen any surges? Where and when? Did they last or disappear quickly...
  11. S

    Is it harder to get the final few rides of a Quest promotion?

    Am I getting paranoid? In Chicago we get these Quest promotions, like a $70 bonus for 25 rides between Mon. and Fri. Getting around 20 rides is easy. The problem is those last 4 or 5. Has anyone else noticed this? On a Thursday night, for example, I'll be 4 or 5 short of achieving that...
  12. Androidcoder

    Set requests to vibrate -> hmm...trouble reaching uber server

    Any advice on getting the new 'Set requests to vibrate' message you can click on the home page of the driver app to work? It always gives the 'hmm...trouble reaching uber server' message for me. I've missed several runs because of this. Requests to support have been useless as they don't seem to...
  13. S

    Getting TONS of Pool :( requests after switching to a Samsung phone!

    :mad: So I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy s6 and it's great, works much better with the Uber app than my old iPhone. However, for whatever reason, I am now getting tons of pool requests and all requests with this new screen come in looking like pool, even though they may not say Pool. What is the...
  14. Uber::)A

    On Trip Ride Requests: Helpful or Uber Scam?

    Should you accept on trip ride requests or is it just another one of Uber's dirty scheemes to screw you out of a deserved Surge. Let's say your on a trip dropping someone off in an area that's surging. You don't know that it's surging cause your on a trip. Beep Beep Beep you get that annoying...
  15. Maven

    UberEats Tipping, Rating & Matching

    Tipping sucks for both delivery and pickup. :( Some will argue that they subjectively see better tips on either delivery or pickup. Others will claim that tipping is better for premium services (uberBlack, uberSelect, etc) or worse for uberPool. Tipping still sucks on uberAnything vs. LYFT...
  16. Maven

    New Drivers Get More Pings?

    I've seen this idea expressed several times on this forum, but does anybody have any real evidence that it's more than an "Urban Legend"? There are many theories why Uber does this. One variation goes I do believe that new drivers get more bonus/guarantees, but I'm more skeptical about more...
  17. Buck Turgidson

    Requests out of Surge Area, Cancellations and Deactivation

    I'm new to posting here, my first time, but not new (depending on your viewpoint) to driving. I have close to 2000 rides in a very short period. I've noticed something recently with requests coming from Uber when I drive. I'm getting more and more requests that are unreasonably (to put it...
  18. Sfla415guy

    Stopped recieving Uberpool requests without any sort of "opt-out"

    Curious if this has happened to anyone else. I started keeping track 3 days ago, but started to take notice almost a week ago now. I have not recieved a single Uberpool request yet I have not attempted to opt-out in any way. I have been thinking about it. Reading up on it quite a bit lately...
  19. Mz.SinCityDriver


    Hello all..QUICK QUESTION. . is anyone else experiencing intermittent cell phone service .. I have tmobile and a friend has metro pcs. On metro they both have no service and with tmobile my service will go in and out. So annoying . Is this happening to you also??? Have a great night and be safe...
  20. SHARK

    Is anybody else slow today?

    Haven't been getting any requests for about an hour in DC downtown. Like wtf? Anyone else?